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SHOW THEM THE MONEY: Is Simon Fuller's Sweetened TV Deal Richer Than Cowell's?


Is Simon Fuller's Sweetened TV Deal Richer Than Cowell's?


Friday January 15, 2010 @ 11:48am


We told you there was intense rivalry between The Two Simons.
Now it's over their new net worth. Simon Fuller's flacks on both sides of the Atlantic have angrily contacted Deadline London claiming the producer is already far wealthier than his one-time protégé, Simon Cowell.
That alone speaks volumes.
Is this hilarious or what?

American Idol creator Simon Fuller through his PR mouthpieces claims he's set to not just match but pull even further ahead of Simon Cowell when it comes to how much money he’s going to make from new TV deals.
As you know, Fuller has quit 19 Entertainment, the company he founded, to set up a new as-yet-unnamed company to executive produce Fox’s American Idol.
Remember, five years ago, U.S. entertainment group CKX bought 19 Entertainment, his £92 million business with 200 employees, for nearly $200 million, already making Fuller a rich man.
But his new executive producing deal means he will share for the first time in the profits of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.
Fuller will also continue to supply “general consulting services” to CKX, which owns the format for American Idol.

On the other hand, Cowell, unlike Fuller, owned the formats of the shows he makes, The X Factor and Got Talent, from the beginning.
Sony then bought out the remaining 50% of X Factor.
Between them, X Factor and Got Talent sell to 30 countries and Cowell makes money from them all.
In addition, UK broadcaster ITV pays Cowell £6.5 million a year for hosting the British versions of X Factor and Got Talent, plus fees which go to his production company Syco.
Cowell also shares in phone revenues, which generate around £1 million from viewers’ votes.
For American Idol though, Cowell is paid a flat fee – albeit a hefty £20 million a year.
But he recently announced he's quitting as an AIl judge next year when Fox will start running The X Factor.
Now Sir Philip Green, owner of the Top Shop fashion chain, is going into business with Cowell.
Green is Britain’s 9-richest man with a personal fortune estimated at £4 billion.

Now for the numbers:
The Sunday Times Rich List already has Fuller worth £300 million compared with Cowell's £120 million.
Game Over?
Maybe not.
Because it'll be amusing to watch The Two Simons keep piling up big bucks as their new TV deals kick in.
Great idea for another TV competition show.
Let them fight over who'll produce it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Simon Cowell........a STAR.....................by Bob Leftsez

Simon Cowell is a star.

I like Kelly Clarkson.

She's cute, honest about her weight/body image and is a good singer.

But she's not a star.

Her best material is written by others.

And she has the depth of an Oreo cookie.

If I asked her to wrestle between higher taxes and a social safety net, I'd expect her to go blank and suggest we get another drink.

But I'm sure Simon Cowell has an opinion.

Real stars don't exist in a vacuum,
but in the environment,
they're aware of their surroundings, their context.

As for the other "Idol" winners...Clay Aiken couldn't admit he was gay.

Oops, he wasn't the winner that year?

Well, he got the longest ride, which is just about over.

A real star is not afraid of who he is,

he owns his identity, he doesn't fake it.

Adam Lambert played coy with his sexual identity until the competition was over.

Stars don't leave us guessing about where they stand.

And after coming out, selling his music, Adam resembled nothing so much as a cartoon.

Let's see, other "Idol" victors...I just can't think of one.

Oh yeah, that young woman, the plump one, what was her name again?

Jordin Sparks...

Let's see, we've got Jim Morrison, college-educated, writing poetry, and Jordin's number one asset is her smile. Whoo-hoo!

I'm not saying "Idol" will crumble without Simon Cowell, although I do expect it to sustain a deep ratings hit, but the reason the show has been so successful is because of this one man,

who won't wear a tie on camera,

who smiles like the Mona Lisa,

daring us to wonder what he thinks,

and when he speaks states his own, unequivocal truth.

That's a star.

That's why we revere stars.

They're not beholden to a boss.

They do it their way.

Mmm... God, everybody on the hit parade seems to be beholden to someone else.

Thanking their sponsors...

Doing whatever their labels tell them to do...

Unwilling to offend anyone in their pursuit of the brass ring.

No wonder the public likes the song at most, and why music doesn't drive the culture.

Steve Jobs?

The biggest rock star on the planet.

Does whatever he wants, is beholden to no one and releases the best damn products.

Don't agree?

That's just the point,
stars have haters,
from the beginning of time.

At least people CARE, have an opinion.

Who's got an opinion on all those evanescent singers in the Top Forty?

Somehow, in the dash for cash,
we've given up searching for stars.

Stars are uncontrollable,
they break ground,
they need to do it their way.

Why, with millions on the line, would investors want to spend money on people like this?

But they used to.

When there was less money at stake.

When labels weren't owned by multinational conglomerates, when those truly in charge were willing to take risks.


What's the cliche, no reward without risk?

That's true.

There hasn't been any risk in the music business for eons.

Except by no-talents pissed no one's paying attention.

Speak your mind.

Take a stand.

Don't be afraid to offend.

The opposite is death.

We love to watch Simon Cowell.

Because we truly believe it's his opinion.

That he's not second-guessing us, is not beholden to the sponsors or Fox.

And like a true star, Simon is willing to strike out on his own, to bet on himself.

We don't begrudge stars their success, we feel they're entitled.

Love him or hate him, you pay attention to Simon Cowell.

"X Factor" will succeed, this is assured.

As for your next record...odds are not so good.

Simon Fuller to launch new company...........

Simon Fuller to launch new company

'American Idol' creator to keep working on hit shows

By Georg Szalai

Jan 14, 2010, 07:55 AM ET


Simon Fuller, founder of 19 Entertainment, and 19's parent company CKX have agreed to a long-term deal to keep the "American Idol" creator and executive producer involved in the firm's key shows, while freeing him up to launch a new entertainment company.

The deal includes a provision that gives Fuller a share of profits.

In addition, Fuller is launching a new company, in which CKX can invest, and Fuller will provide general consulting services to CKX.

The two parties didn't immediately disclose further details.

The news follows recent industry rumors focused on a possible change in Fuller's status or title.

The deal keeps Fuller in place as executive producer and driver behind hit shows like "Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance" and new online led property "If I Can Dream."

"As an entrepreneur I feel I am about to enter my prime years and starting a new entertainment company at this moment fills me with great excitement," said Fuller.

"This new arrangement guarantees that Simon and CKX will be working together for many, many years to come," said Robert F.X. Sillerman, chairman and CEO of CKX.

"I'm also delighted that going forward Simon will be free to focus his creative energy on developing new ideas and projects and that CKX has the opportunity to invest in his new business.

"The 19 founder sold his firm to CKX in 2005.

It creates a vast majority of CKX's revenue.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NELSON MANDELA......"your playing small does not serve the world"


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

-Nelson Mandela.