Thursday, November 19, 2009

Demi Moore's W Cover: Worst Photoshop??????????????

Everyone knows by now that magazines extensively airbrush the stars on their covers, and usually the celebs appreciate a little touchup and wouldn't want it any other way.
But imagine Demi Moore, 47, getting her first look at the latest (December) cover of W and finding that a huge chunk of her hip has been digitally removed

That's what the folks at Boing Boing called attention to yesterday.
The mistake hardly needs to be pointed out.
If you look at Moore's left hip (our right), it seems that what used to be flesh is now a great deal of white space.
But, don't worry, Mrs. Kutcher's thigh still seems normal, though now it appears to bulge out below her sarong.

Magazine covers go through an exhaustive process of approvals, so it's puzzling that this one made it to press with a mistake so obvious it's visible a few yards from the newsstand.

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