Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Simon Napier Bell, Wham's ex Manager on Marc Bolan........British Rock Star


...................Nevertheless I had to let him do it because the instant he walked through the door he came across with the one thing that is most needed but is most lacking in all rock singers.
It's what people call star quality,
but in reality it's nothing more than the artist seeing himself as the essential material of his own art.
He devises his own unique image and lifestyle and projects them to everyone around him
The fact that he has chosen singing, or acting or even being a politician, as the area to work in is irrelevant.
He uses himself as a painter uses a canvas, or as a sculptor uses his lump of rock.
He paints himself a little, does a bit of sculpting, decides on the right clothes, and out comes a new person.
A creation.
A work of art.
A star.
ADRIAAN and Legendary Wham Manager and Music Industry Impressario.... SIMON NAPIER BELL

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