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The "LADY" Gaga; Robert "Bob Dylan" Zimmerman & Bob Leftsetz....& The POWER of Artists...!!!

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> Subject: Lady GaGa/Target

> Now that's a rock star.
 > A rock star is not someone with money who flies in a private jet.

> That's a banker.> A rock star is someone who speaks from the heart and puts her fans first. Who won't do anything for a buck. Who uses her bully pulpit to highlight injustices and lobby for change.

> Come on, in an era where everybody is greedy and handlers tell you that you can't make it without tying up with corporations GaGa leaves money on the table?

> In order to succeed in this business, for more than a few moments, you've got to stand for something more than money. Or else you're seen as a chump in the endless parade we laugh at.

> Oh, we're laughing. Don't you read TMZ? That's the Internet era. We make fun of the famous, they need attention, they were the drama queens in high school who didn't get the acclaim they deserved. And too often are of limited talent.

Meanwhile, the faceless fat cats behind them laugh all the way to the bank. The execs keep their jobs, curating the endless parade of wannabes.

> Wanna know why classic rock is classic?

Because in that era rock stars were leaders. You listened to them if you wanted to know what time it was. And they were beholden to no one but themselves, not even the label. They had contracts wherein they could record the music themselves at a location picked by them with a producer of their choice and deliver an album that the label was required to release. Those were the good old days. Before the execs started believing they were the talent.> Sure, GaGa is on Jimmy Iovine's label, but when was the last time Jimmy took a stand for anything but money? Good business breaking Beats headphones but is that what the world really needed now? No, the world needs leaders, and Jimmy is championing wannabes on "American Idol". That's heading in the wrong direction.

> Who is going to hold Wall Street and the corporations responsible?
 > They're the ones with the power. Which they've abdicated in this decade where you can do it all yourself and all they can do is complain that they're not making enough money.

> This is not the first time GaGa has taken a stand. She also voiced her opinion against the "Don't ask, don't tell." policy. And lo and behold, it was eviscerated.

> It's not about results today, it's about results eventually.
 > But everybody wants their money today.
 > It's not about that Target exclusive today, it's about your CAREER!
 > That's how you truly make money in this business. When you're no longer signed to a label, when radio isn't interested and you're supported by fans. Who keep you alive on the road, who buy your new music.

> GaGa knows who her fans is. She's been playing to her Little Monsters since Day One.

> Maybe because she's so much like them. Not classically beautiful, struggling. She didn't forget where she came from. And they love her for it.
> You want to make it? Stop complaining you can't get paid. Stop complaining how hard it is to make it. GaGa got dropped from a previous label. She struggled. It all wasn't peaches and cream.

> Meanwhile, now that GaGa's paved the way, can't some of the other artists out there take a stand? You think you're alienating people but what you're really doing is bonding your core to you, and we all know it's about the core.

Stand for something or you don't stand for anything. Pick your issues. And know that you've got power. And it's your turn to lead.

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That guy who said “The times they are a-changin’” really knew what he was talking about, didn’t he?

Adding to the itinerary of locations where Bob Dylan has never previously played and where we never imagined he’d someday appear in concert, that ragged counterculture bard is slated to give a performance in Vietnam next month.

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