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Tuesday, 5th August 2008

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HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today)

8/2/09 —

Once upon a time there was a Sex Goddess named Hedy Lamarr.

She was the first original naked beauty of the silver screen with her controversial full nude appearance in her film “Ecstasy” which back in 1932 had never been done before causing headlines and pandemonium around the globe and now is the subject of a wild book by Devra Z. Hill.

Hedy’s story is dynamic and inspiring whether you are aware of Hedy Lamarr or not and if you’re not- then you should be.

A highly sexual female as detailed in the hot steamy sex scenes brought to you by author Devra Hill, which allow us to eavesdrop in on intimate moments between Hedy and another woman;

Hedy and her lover, etc., translated at a time when women were still very sexually repressed.

Born Jewish and from Vienna, a more controversial dichotomy is Hedy’s sexual liaison with hated dictator Adolf Hitler as revealed for the first time in “What Almost Happened to Hedy Lamarr” on Corona Books.

Even glamorous movie stars can look for love in all the wrong places as Hedy did with her attraction to mean and abusive men.

The author uses her poetic license to dramatize what might have happened had Hedy continued on this path.

As power is the greatest aphrodisiac perhaps her real life sexual liaison with Hitler was a way to stay alive during a time in history when Hitler was killing all the Jews in Europe for surely had this incredible scandal ever gotten out during those years there would have been no movie star career for Hedy Lamarr.

We forget about this horrific part of our history and what it might have meant to those who had the unfortunate fate of being swept up during this traumatizing time.

Although as the author explains “Initially, Hedy was forced by her abusive first husband to have sex to pacify his kinky sexual needs as part of an unusual sexual scenario” which includes Hitler’s physical abnormalities as documented in this book.

Perhaps staying on Hitler’s good side was a means of survival back then.

Her abusive first husband was busy making weapons for Hitler’s upcoming war which explains the connection.

The author was privy to many private conversations with the Sex Goddess which were revealed to me like the time Hedy showed off one of the priceless gifts bestowed upon her from Adolf Hitler;

“Hedy showed me the gift herself” she said.

“Really? What was it? What did it look like? I asked.

“It was a shiny solid gold cigarette case with a diamond swastika on it.

She handed it to me herself so I could hold it in my hand.”

Hedy Lamarr led a truly fascinating life as one of the most glamorous movie stars

of the now obsolete big studio publicity machine in the days when there were major film studios that actually groomed their applicants for movie stardom with an endless supply of make up, wardrobe, managers, publicity, and acting lessons, at their disposal.

Hedy was one of a kind and somewhat of a paradox with unusual qualities;

in business she was a woman with her own mind who did not let others dictate to her but rather, she told them what she wanted and got it.

A true pioneer in the day when women did not even have the right to vote Hedy was already a ‘mover and shaker.’

Yet in her private life it seemed that she always acquiesced submitting to the sexual demands of others who wished to dominate her as exemplified in many of the hot steamy sex scenes the author writes about in this book.

Another fascinating twist into the mind of this legendary movie icon was her Kleptomania when caught in a department store for stealing resulted in an endless array of tabloid and newspaper stories.

The author shares another never before documented moment when she explains to me what happened when she was actually with Hedy shopping and witnessed her penchant for theft.

She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Hedy had stolen an object from the store they were in!

“Hedy- you can’t do that” she pointed out.

“Yes I can; they owe me”

“Who owes you? Owes you for what?”

“For stealing my patent” Hedy replied.

Indeed Hedy Lamarr harbored a deep resentment which included a sense of entitlement as she felt that the government owed her a living since she had been the first to actually develop the early cell phone technology.

However, because they did not use her invention until after her seventeen year patent had expired, this left Hedy with not a cent for her brilliant invention.

She lost the opportunity to make millions of dollars and always remained angry about that.

Perhaps this was the beginning of the slippery slope that led to her Kleptomania.

The author’s account possesses the key elements of sex, power, and scandal, a sure fire hit for success.

Unusual insight into the mind of Hedy Lamarr and what made her tick at a time when women were seen and not heard, along with all the twists and turns of her fascinating movie star life and steamy sexual scenarios make it clear that Hedy Lamarr was ahead of her time and make this
book a truly fascinating read.

All Corona Books available on amazon.com and all online facilities.

Jody Babydol Gibson is a high profile personality dubbed the “Queen of Scandal” who has appeared nationally on television with her previously authored best seller “Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madam”,

a sexually explicit account which names A-List clients detailing her thirteen years servicing the rich and famous as a former Hollywood Madam, along with her riveting experiences surviving three years in a maximum security state penitentiary for her alleged “crime.”

Today she is an author who resides as Publisher of Corona Books.

“What Almost Happened to Hedy Lamarr” by Devra Hill

(Contributions by Jody Babydol Gibson )

Corona Books

www.CoronaBooksandMusic.com. 6 x 9 soft cover $19.95

avail August 2008

The Jacksons

To Reign As BMI's 2008 Icons

Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5 era

August 04, 2008 , 6:15 PM ET

Gail Mitchell, L.A.

Pioneering R&B/pop group The Jacksons will be honored as this year's BMI Icons.

The brothers will be feted during the organization's eighth annual Urban Awards on Sept. 4.

Taking place at the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills, Calif., the ceremony will also honor the songwriters, producers and publishers of the most-performed R&B/hip-hop songs of the past year in the BMI repertoire.

Starting out as The Jackson 5 in their hometown of Gary, Ind., siblings Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael first recorded for the Steeltown label in 1968.

After signing with Motown, the group launched a string of R&B and pop crossover hits beginning with 1969's "I Want You Back."Later smashes included "Enjoy Yourself,"

"Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" and "State of Shock" with Mick Jagger, released in 1984 at the height of Michael Jackson's worldwide superstardom.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997, The Jacksons join such previous BMI Icons as James Brown, Isaac Hayes and Carlos Santana.

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