Tuesday, June 23, 2009

marilyn monroe's talent developed in privacy????


Though Farrah Fawcett is "fighting for her life," Ryan O'Neal tells Barbara Walters, "I've asked her to marry me, again, and she's agreed," ABC News reports.

"We will, as soon as she can, say yes," O'Neal, 68, says about his companion since 1980.

"Maybe we can just nod her head," he said, with a laugh.


Goethe said, `Talent is developed in privacy, ` you know?

And it`s really true.

There is a need for aloneness which I don`t think most people realize for an actor.
It`s almost having certain kinds of secrets for yourself that you`ll let the whole world in ... (1956).

By RICHARD GREENE (Air America Talk Show Host):

Do I believe English should be the official language of the U.S.?

I think it's time to move beyond parochial and small minded ideas in this global age.

As we continue to repair our relationship with the world, how wonderful it would be to officially declare that ALL languages are the official language of our great nation, with English, for practical purposes, being the one that is used.

Our history, our "brand" and our strength, more than any other country, is our pluralism and that we are the melting pot of the planet.

Let us truly embrace it and the "world" that IS America.
***To reply directly to Richard Greene, e-mail LBNElert@TimeWire.net

(Please put Richard Greene in the subject line).

***Al Rantel will be broadcasting for the last time this Thursday evening on KABC in Los Angeles.

The good news is his lymphoma has not returned.

His treatment took care of that.

The bad news is that Al is still ailing.
He's suffering a series of complications from a fall he endured in the parking structure of his West Los Angeles apartment complex.

He slipped and fell in August 2008.

Since then, hes had a shoulder replacement and a hip replacement.

***Since the explosion of gossip blogs and the resurgence of celebrity magazines, L.A.'s courthouses have grown used to accommodating throngs of paparazzi, videographers, camera crews and reporters who trail the famous to their dates with infamy.

But the crowd expected at this afternoon's preliminary hearing for R&B singer Chris Brown will be on a different order.
Fifty-two media outlets have asked to attend the proceeding, far more than were on hand for Paris Hilton's re-jailing, Britney Spears' divorce, the DUI cases of Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, or the murder trials of Robert Blake or Phil Spector.

***Reader's Digest will cut its rate base to 5.5 million copies from 8 million with the February 2010 issue.
The magazine will also cut its frequency to 10 copies from 12.
The savings will be invested in new digital products, including mobile applications and single-topic digital editions.

***Nearly eight years after leaving CNN, Bobbie Battista has resurfaced as an anchor for Onion News Network, the online video arm of The Onion, the satirical newspaper.

***The Washington Posts decision to keep a two-part story of homicide and intrigue out of the print edition angered many readers who still pay for the newspaper.


Personal manager and entertainment industry icon Ken Kragen along with approximately 300,000 other "influencers" understand that information is power and the LBN E-Lert is a power-tool.

L.A. has become part of integral information flow.

The dizzying speed of events and the global connection to them is driven by modern media technology.

TheWrap's Sharon Waxman says Los Angeles has become an integral part of the events going on in Tehran and parts beyond.

So are other cities such as London, where the BBC's Persian Service can be viewed over the Internet, and which often shows the latest Twitter feeds.

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