Thursday, June 25, 2009

perez hilton Freedom of Expression

Perez Hilton and the First Amendment's manager punched gossip toady Perez Hilton after Hilton called him names that made GLAAD pissed.

We here at FBLA haven't covered it.

Mainly because we care so little about Hilton and his wailing saccharin drama.

Both of us have tried to prod the other into caring/posting about this incident.

Alas, we've yet to.

Until today.

Today, we got an email, we've posted the whole stupid thing after the break but here is an excerpt:

"Freedom of speech should never be compromised"

"Wether (sic) you love Perez or hate Perez he is a entertainment icon that has the right to free speech"

There are two documents oft quoted and rarely understood.

One is the Bible, the other is the US Constitution.

The First Amendment refers to Congress not abridging freedom of speech.



Not's hired muscle.

Not people who disagree with you (yeah we're talking to you Carrie Prejean).


Perez Hilton's free speech was not interfered with.

He has a big mouth and someone hit him in it.

That's assault.

It's in no way related to the Freedom of Speech.

Telling someone to shut up is not violating their rights (ahem Sarah Palin).

The government making you shut up is.

The government.

Not the press.

Not your neighbor.

Not a blogger.


The government.

Hilton is not a martyr for Free Speech.

He's a nasty, shallow, catty gossip who has always enjoyed freedom of expression.

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton rally for support by NYC nightlife King JE Englebert after recent assault.

New York CityGossip blogger Perez Hilton rally for support by NYC nightlife King JE Englebert after recent assault allegedly by Black Eyed Peas band member Will.I.Am after the musician told the blogger not to write about his band on his website

Police charged the band's tour member with assault for allegedly punching Hilton during a confrontation at a Toronto nightclub early Monday morning.

"Freedom of speech should never be compromised" "Wether you love Perez or hate Perez he is a entertainment icon that has the right to free speech"

"I am inviting Mr. Hilton to be my guest of honor in NYC and have a VIP party for him and his thousand of followers at my nightclub Suzie Wong on a night to show love not hate.

Guess what is on the menu at the event?

I plan on serving "Pea" soup says Englebert


Im not kidding myself.

My voice alone is just an ordinary voice.

What people come to see is how I use it.

If I stand still while I'm singing, I'm dead, man.

I might as well go back to driving a truck.



***Simon Cowell, one of the worlds biggest TV stars, has joined forces with Sir Philip Green, the British retail billionaire, to form a global entertainment company that will create and own television content on both sides of the Atlantic.

The two men, close friends for the past decade, have been working closely together in recent weeks, with Sir Philip travelling to Los Angeles to advise Mr Cowell on a new contract to appear on the Fox networks American Idol.

***Washington Post staffers were notified last night that three cases of swine flu have been reported at the paper's 15th and L headquarters.

***Time Warner is the best stock in the media business, according to Miller Tabak analyst David Joyce.

The company has a good shot at more than doubling during the next two years, he says.

News Corp. is ranked further down on the list at No. 11, for "bulking up in newspapers."

***CBS chief Les Moonves's compensation was slashed by 76% last year, according to

Still, Moonves took home $13.6 million.

CBS's stock price fell by two-thirds in 2008, due in part to the advertising slump.

About 2,000 employees lost their jobs.

***News Corp. is naming Rebekah Wade, the editor of the British tabloid the Sun, as CEO of News International, the unit in charge of the company's U.K. newspapers.

Wade will oversee the Times of London, the Sunday Times, News of the World and thelondonpaper.

***Nikki Finke is selling her showbiz news site Deadline Hollywood Daily to Movieline owner Media, in a deal said to be worth as high as $15 million.

A New York-based journalist will be hired to report to her.

The site will become available on "every device imaginable," Finke says.

***McGraw-Hill is rumored to be shopping BusinessWeek magazine.

Potential suitors, however, may be hard to find.

The struggling business title is estimated to have operated at a loss of $20 million last year.

Officially, McGraw-Hill says: "We don't comment on rumors."

***Bauer's In Touch is topping Time Inc.'s People as the best-selling celebrity magazine on U.S. newsstands, selling 1.2 million copies thanks to its cover photo of Kate Gosselin spanking one of her eight children.

People's "Hot Bachelors" issue is selling less than 1.1 million copies.

***Craigslist's Craig Newmark is among the supporters of All For Good, a new, online "Craigslist for service" searchable database of volunteer opportunities across the United States.

Other supporters include Arianna Huffington, YouTube, Aha! Ink and FanFeedr.

***The New York Times Company and the papers largest union agreed to cuts in wages, benefits and job security.

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