Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Grace Jones ROCKS at the Bowl....

Grace Jones at the Bowl

I’ve been lucky enough to attend two great shows recently.

Last Sunday Night Grace Jones in all her fabulousness took the stage of the Hollywood Bowl to remind us that sometimes it is...

not about having the best voice, or the greatest band, or being the best dancer,

it is about performance artistry, showmanship and artistic vision

or at least that’s the message I imparted to my daughter who was awestruck by the amazing costumes La Jones donned for each number.

Dengue Fever ( above ) opened the show and they are fronted by a Cambodian singer and lay on some world class world music grooves, although they are very much an LA band.

...and a comment by a fan...

Last night was an epic night in my life.

We went to see Grace Jones at the Hollywood Bowl and were obviously really excited to be the first in the US to see her perform after all these years.

Jones took a 30-year-hiatus from making music, because according to her she had nothing to say.

But with last nights performance I can guarantee that her energy, at now 61, and talent has been brewing inside her for a long time.

I could have never expected the caliber of performance that she delivered.

With 7 breathtaking wardrobe changes she stole our hearts time and again.

In between songs she would go back stage to change and carry on a very Grace Jones monologue with that raspy and powerful voice, as we awaited her extravagant return.

Her costumes were designed by infamous costume designer Eiko Ishioka, known for her Oscar winning wardrobe in Bram Stroker’s 1992 Dracula,

Cirque du Soleil: Varekai, and

the costumes for the Beijing-2008 Olympics to give you an idea of a few iconic pieces of her work.

The woman is an outright genius!

I feel like my jaw was dropped through 80 percent of her show- it was one trick after another.

A 61-year-old woman on six inch stilettos dancing around the stage, or a huge voluptuous red gown drowning her in fabric until she turned around for us to see that her back was totally bare – a full booty shot!

Or was it her 10 ft long legs, perfectly toned as if she were in her prime.

The woman is extraterrestrial, out of this world fantastic!

My words are too vapid and undemonstrative to describe the emotion that overcame me last night, but here are some photos we took to share with you of each outfit change.

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