Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tun Dr. Mahathir & Sudirman Arshad- Making History yet again...History Documentary scores highest ratings ever...

(above ) : Tun Dr. Mahathir & Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah

The Mentor & His Legend...

The Documentary Biography, 'Sudirman Arshad' which was aired on the History Channel (Astro Channel 555), on February 20, 2011, at 10.00 pm, made History yet again

It was the highest rated HISTORY CHANNEL show premiering in Malaysia todate. And for the 10-11pm slot on Feb 20 it garned 67% viewership over HISTORY CHANNEL's competitors,

which is huge.

In the overall standings for HISTORY CHANNEL in Asia it was the second highest rated show only losing out to MAHATHIR, ... a 2 Hour Documentary on Malaysia's Longest Serving Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad, ( above )which was shown on HISTORY in 2009.

The ratings for Sudirman premiere won its time slot among all factual channels by a landslide, and rated 5 times higher than its nearest competitor among Astro 25+

It rated as NO.1 factual channel among Astro 4+ for its premiere on 20 Feb.

All Credit should go to the following people, who very quietly worked dedicatedly and tirelessly behind the scenes:

1. GERARD BENEDICT, Producer, Code Computer Design Sdn Bhd, without whom this would never have had happened...

2. HARJIT KAUR, Assistant Producer

3. HAFI PUDIN ABDUL MALEK...whose creative graphics at the Post Production level,added much to the overall look and feel of this world class production...and not forgetting the rest of the team at Code Computer Design.


5. HISTORY Channel

6. CHRIS HUMPHREY – Executive Producer, AETN All Asia Networks

7. FINAS (National Film Development Corporation Malaysia )

8. Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture Malaysia

9. LOUIS BOSWELL - General Manager of AETN All Asia Networks

10. YAP LU YI & ROSANNE LO of AETN All Asia Networks


12. All the Media who came and covered the Media Event, from the Editors, Journalists, Bloggers

13. ARCIS Communications, Michele & Berenice...

14. Datin Rudiah Arshad

15. Razman "Atai" Azrai Zainudin

16. All those who were interviewed, Mrs. Beh, Michael Veerapen, Jenny Chin, Fauzi Marzuki, Joanne Ng, Habsah Hassan, Saodah Ismail, Bahyah Mahmud, Cynthia Chen, Khoo Ai Chien, Mohd Azhar, Simon Napier Bell, Jack Nadarajah,Patrick Yeoh.

17. and last but not least the fans, Mohd Azhar, Ramlan Isa, Nurma Ahmad, Mohd Hafizan, Maznah Abdul Ghani, and so many more who keep Sudirman's legacy and Spirit alive...

The Documentary Biography, 'Sudirman Arshad' will be aired on the History Channel (Astro Channel 555), on the following dates :

There will be subtitles in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese.

26 February: 12pm

27 February: 10am

1 March 7.00pm

11 March 11.00pm and

13 March 7.00pm.

For other repeats, please go to :

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