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Duran Duran want to team up with Mark Ronson to record another Bond theme

By 3am

Duran Duran want to record another Bond theme - this time with Mark Ronson

Nick Rhodes tells us: "We'd love to collaborate with Mark on a single for the next Bond film...

With him we may even surpass A View To A Kill."

They can ask him tonight when Mark joins them for their Smirnoff Experience gig in Paris.
Rachel Bilson attends The Whitney Contemporaries' Art Party in New York wearing a beautifully sexy Herve Leger dress.

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Cohen and Will Ferrell will take on detective Sherlock Holmes.

The two comedians have officially been cast in Sony’s currently untitled comedy as Holmes and Watson, respectively.

No director is attached yet, but Judd Apatow is producing and Etan Cohen (Idiocracy, Tropic Thunder) is writing the script.

Columbia Pictures’ president Matt Tolmach said,

Just the idea of Sacha and Will as Sherlock Holmes and Watson makes us laugh.
[They] are two of the funniest and most talented guys on the planet, and having them take on these two iconic characters is frankly hilarious.
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To promote Miley Cyrus‘ new album “Breakout”, Walmart’s Soundcheck posted a segment with Miley where fans got to ask her questions.



& NOW 67


NOW 77

Tyra Banks
Madame Tussauds in Washington D.C. unveiled a new wax figure of Tyra Banks on Wednesday.

When the fake you looks better than the actual you….

It's time to go in there with a machete and chop that bitch's head off!

Conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh struck a mighty rich renewal deal with Clear Channel!

The radio giants are paying the Right's top media man $400 million to host his conservative talk show ’til 2016.

Limbaugh reaches an audience of nearly 20 million listeners.

His program is syndicated on about 600 radio stations nationwide.

In a recent magazine interview, Limbaugh shows off his biz acumen.
He says, “First and foremost I’m a businessman.

My first goal is to attract the largest possible audience so I can charge confiscatory ad rates.

I happen to have great entertainment skills, but that enables me to sell airtime.”

So he just riles people up for the money?

Looks like it's working!

Charlize Theron wears Calvin Klein Collection’s black crepe wool gown, at Calvin Klein Collection, New York. Maison Martin Margiela ring.

After a series of gritty roles, Hollywood’s sexy blond unleashes her comedic chops and inner babe in a new summer blockbuster.

When Charlize Theron arrives at our interview, poolside at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, she’s still showing the effects of a weeklong bout with the flu.

With her blond hair pushed back into a no-fuss ’do and dressed Hollywood business casual in jeans, a white shirt and a black sweater vest, she looks, well, incredibly normal.

And yet, days earlier, on the set of the W photo shoot at the western edge of the Mojave Desert, there was no overlooking her ultralean Amazonian physique, her mile-long legs and her startling green eyes, framed by a perfectly symmetrical heart-shaped face.

Perhaps surprisingly then, for an actress whom Esquire last fall named the “sexiest woman alive,” the 32-year-old Theron has always resisted taking on roles that play only to her innate beauty.

She fired her first manager after he sent her scripts on the order of Showgirls and Species.

“So, we can see where he saw my career going,” she quips.

But ever since her haunting, Oscar-winning portrayal of Aileen Wuornos in Monster—for which she gained 30 pounds, wore prosthetic teeth and cannily captured the physicality of the hard-bitten lesbian serial killer—

Theron has been dogged, she says, by a public perception that she actively seeks to mask her beauty whenever she plays steely-minded, gritty women.

In fact, the surest way to rile her is to suggest that she’s somehow “transformed” herself yet again in several post-Monster roles, among them, a female miner battling sexism in the Minnesota iron mines in the 2005 film North Country,

a Tennessee detective (who’s a brunette) in 2007’s In the Valley of Elah and, most recently, a desperate single mom in this year’s Sleepwalking.

“Oh, no, you better not be bringing up ‘ugly,’” she admonishes when I broach the subject.

“Look, I get it,” she says.

“Monster was a transformation.”

But after that, she points out, whenever she’s played “women in middle America living normal lives,” she’s heard cries of “ugly,” no matter what they looked like.

“North Country was dirt.

That’s what happens when you go into a mine.

In the Valley of Elah—that’s when I took real offense, because that was just my real hair color and me with no makeup.”

Her greater transformation, she says, comes on the red carpet.

“It’s great fun when you have three people coming to your house, and one’s doing your nails, one’s doing your hair and one’s doing your makeup.

Two hours later, you look gorgeous,” she says.

“But that’s not my life.”
Looking at her, you have to conclude that Theron is being unduly self-deprecating, and that the truth lies somewhere between the red carpet and North Country.

Oscar de la Renta’s black silk velvet gown, at Oscar de la Renta,

Lanvin bracelet.

Photographed by Craig McDean Styled by Alex White
June 2008

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