Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, 14 July 2008

Hollywood Today

Boy named Knox,

Girl Vivienne

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Early reports of two girls not right, but birthing of world’s most famous twins confirmed —
By Jeffrey Jolson

NICE, France (Hollywood Today)
7/13/08 –
Dr. Michel Sussmann, the obstetrician who delivered twins to Angelina Jolie, finally broke silence to the media.

He used French newspaper Nice-Matin and French news service AFP to report that Jolie had delivered a boy named Knox Leon and a girl named Vivienne Marcheline.
They said Jolie gave birth shortly before 8 p.m. via cesarean section.

The babies we due in August, but twins are often born early and Jolie had a cesarean this time and on her last and only natural birth, to Shiloh.

That means half the six-kid Jolie-Pitt brood will always want to leave a room by a window, though that may change.
There are unconfirmed rumors that the celebrity power couple want to adopt a Chinese baby, so there are few continents left until the Pitt-Jolie clan can form their on U.N.

Reports said each twin weighed about 5 pounds, not out of line for twins.
Other reps for Jolie, Pitt and the hospital did not confirm the birth of the boy and girl.
But the doctor has, and has more at stake career-wise than a publicist.

That news came after a wild day in the media.
Extra said no birth had occurred.
In Touch and us here at HT went with yes, there was a birth in spite of official denials to the contrary, but two girls.
Hospital said the birth was earlier than 8 p.m. (Paris time), but reports of 7 a.m. is earlier as we had said, so expect something in the middle, if you are running the new babies star charts.

The doctor, who delivered the twins at Lenval Hospital in Nice, France, said the parents and new infants “are doing marvelously well.”

Jolie and Pitt’s growing brood now stands at six.
The celebrity couple has three adopted children, Maddox, Pax, and Zahara, as well as a biological daughter, Shiloh.

Hollywood Today

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

It’s ‘Hellboy 2’ with $36 million edges out week two ‘Hancock’ at $33 millionBy Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today)

7/13/08 -
“He’s a complete underachieving, lazy slob, a beer-drinking, football-watching average American guy who has no desire to be a superhero,” says ‘Hellboy 2’ star Ron Perlman.
“He just happens to have these abilities commensurate with where he’s from and who he is.
His extraordinary superhuman traits are coincidental and not something he aspires to.”

If the premise of ‘Hellboy 2’ sounds a little familiar, consider last weekend’s top bow, ‘Hancock’.
“He drinks a little too much,” says Will Smith.

“He’s an alcoholic superhero.”

‘Hancock’ was panned by most critics.
However, not by this film reviewer.
Many critics took issue with a plot curve ball.
It didn’t seem to matter as it took a weekend gross of $63 million and now reaching $163 million.
‘Hancock’ isn’t done fighting.
It’s the broadest release this weekend with 6,800 screens at 3,965 theaters.

Weekend Theater Counts (>1,000)

‘Hancock’ (Sony) 3,965 (0)

‘Wall-E’ (Buena Vista) 3,849 (-143)

‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’ (Universal) 3,204 (new)

‘Meet Dave’ (Fox) 3,011 (new)

‘Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D’ (New Line) 2,811 (new)

‘Kit Kittredge’ (Picturehouse) 1,849 (+6)

‘Wanted’ (Universal) 3,159 (-26)

‘Get Smart’ (Warner Bros.) 3,086 (-488)

‘Kung Fu Panda’ (DreamWorks Animation) 2,704 (-643)

‘The Incredible Hulk’ (Universal) 1,949 (-1094)

‘Indiana Jones’(Paramount) 1,664 (-528)

‘Sex and the City’ (New Line) 1,025 (-250)

Does America have the appetite for two loser superheroes?
Theater owners weren’t convinced.
Despite a massive marketing campaign for ‘Helboy 2’, it has less theaters than ‘Hancock’ or ‘Wall-E’.
‘Hellboy’ 2004 did a $23 million opening weekend in 3,028 theaters on it’s way to $60 million.
‘Hellboy 2’ is looking at a $36 million weekend. ‘Hancock’ will have the typical 50% second-weekend dip, for $33 million.

Weekend Box Office Studio Estimates

‘Hellboy II’ (Universal) $35,885,000

‘Hancock’ (Sony) $33,000,000

‘Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D’ (New Line) $20,580,000

‘Wall-E’ (Buena Vista) $18,509,000

‘Wanted’ (Universal) $11,586,000

‘Get Smart’ (Warner Bros.) $7,105,000

‘Meet Dave’ (Fox) $5,300,000

‘Kung Fu Panda’ (DreamWorks Animation) $4,300,000

‘Kit Kittredge’ (Picturehouse) $2,357,000

‘Indiana Jones’ (Paramount) $2,250,000

Family fun ‘Journey 3D’ did a respectable $21 million.
Audiences have apparently not forgotten ‘Pluto Nash’, giving Eddie Murphy’s ‘Meet Dave’ a disappointing $5 million.
Overall, a $145 million weekend, off 15% from last year.
The weekend last year was powered by ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ bringing Warner Bros. $77 million.

Next weekend’s big openers are ‘The Dark Knight’ (Warner Bros.), ‘Mamma Mia!’ (Universal) and Space Chimps (Fox).
Data Source: Box Office Mojo

Who knows if they'll get this in Dubuque, but they sure aren't going to like it in Chicago:
This week's New Yorker cover features an image of Michelle and Barack Obama that combines every smeary right-wing stereotype imaginable:
An image of Obama in a turban and robes fist-bumping his be-afro'd wife, dressed in the military fatigues of a revolutionary and packing a machine gun and some serious ammo.
Oh yes, this quaint little scene takes place in the Oval Office, under a picture of Osama bin Laden above a roaring fireplace, in which burns an American flag.
All that's missing is a token sprig of arugula.

The illustration, by Barry Blitt,is called "The Politics of Fear" and, according to the NYer press release, "satirizes the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the Presidential election to derail Barack Obama's campaign."
What's that they say about repeating a rumor?

Presumably the New Yorker readership is sophisticated enough to get the joke, but still:
this is going to upset a lot of people, probably for the same reason it's going to delight a lot of other people, namely those on the right:
Because it's got all the scare tactics and misinformation that has so far been used to derail Barack Obama's campaign — all in one handy illustration.
Anyone who's tried to paint Obama as a Muslim, anyone who's tried to portray Michelle as angry or a secret revolutionary out to get Whitey, anyone who has questioned their patriotism— well, here's your image.

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton called it "tasteless and offensive" and, according to Jake Tapper at ABC, another high-profile Obama supporter called it "as offensive a caricature as any magazine could publish."

The companion article by Ryan Lizza, who has written extensively about the campaign, traces Obama's early career and rise through Chicago politics.
It's very long (18 pages!) and probably won't thrill a lot of Democratic party faithful, either, since it advances the image of Obama as a skilled and calculating politician who rose by becoming a master of the game:

"[P]erhaps the greatest misconception about Barack Obama is that he is some sort of anti-establishment revolutionary.
Rather, every stage of his political career has been marked by an eagerness to accommodate himself to existing institutions rather than tear them down or replace them....he has always played politics by the rules as they exist, not as he would like them to exist.
He runs as an outsider, but he has succeeded by mastering the inside game."

Is it the New Yorker's job to write uniformly flattering profiles of Obama?
Do they have a duty to avoid controversial imagery that plays off the most dogged and damaging campaign smears?
Of course not.
Still, as Tapper says, there are probably "some angry, angry people in Chicago right now."
Not to mention Washington, New York, and maybe even Dubuque.
***MSO, the music publicity firm that handles artists and festivals in the fields of rock, alternative, country, hip-hop and electronic, has announced that it is building its presence in Nashville by uniting with Lyndie Wenner as MSO's Nashville Representative & Consultant.
The Nashville-based music industry executive and communications consultant will develop new business prospects and strategic alliances for MSO with artists, record labels and management companies as well as cover MSO artists on-site in the city.

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