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Paris Hilton celebrating the

4th of July.....

Maggie Q ---PETA

The gorgeous Maggie Q is the latest celebrity to strip down for PETA.

The ads, which feature a barely covered Maggie Q, are being used to promote a vegatarian lifestyle in the Asia Pacific region.

The first ad features Maggie in a skimpy bikini with lettuce leaves covering her sensitive areas, and a tagline which says “Turn over a new leaf, try vegetarian”.

The second has Maggie covered in chilis with the tagline “Spice up your life”.

These pictures have definitely added some spice to my afternoon.

Age Appropriate Styling -
Kylie Minogue Retires Her Sexy Image

Kylie Minogue is the queen of brand revival, and now she’s ready for her biggest physical transformation thus far.

Kylie, now 40, has been known to crank up the spice on her stage costumes, as well as for pushing the raciness boundaries on photo shoots, but she has now decided to retire her sexy image.

“It’s difficult to age with dignity in the pop business, but I’d like to think I’ve managed it so far,”
Kylie told Britain’s Easy Living magazine.

“But I won’t be wearing hotpants any more!”

Kylie, now 40, swears she won’t be giving up the stage—she intends to perform until she’s 60—
but she says it’s time to be responsible and dress more her age.

Not only that, but the Australian singer says she wants to turn shift her pop-style music in more of a jazz direction.

“A while ago I sang I Should Be So Lucky as a romantic torch song on Later… With Jools Holland (U.K. TV show).
Jools accompanied me on the piano, and I can imagine working like that,” said Kylie.

While most people her age would be best to hide their bodies to disguise sagging, Kylie shows no signs of wear and tear.

The gallery shows how incredibly well she’s maintained her physique.

By realizing that just because she can, doesn’t mean she should, Kylie could be teaching the public (and other celebs) a really valuable lesson.

As she shows in the images of her white pea coat, sophisticated can be very sexy too!

....Acclaimed Painter & Rock Icon Paul Stanley (Self Portrait).....


"A democracy thrives or dies on the intelligence, the interest, and the voting power of its citizens.

If the people are too lazy or too ignorant to question where their money comes from or who benefits from the creation of their money, then they deserve what they get."

----Richard Russell, financial analyst


In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which proclaimed the independence of the United States of America from Great Britain and its king.
The declaration came 442 days after the first volleys of the American Revolution were fired at Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts.

This week’s “Tuesday Olympic Beauty” is Amy Acuff.

Amy Lyn Acuff (born July 14, 1975, Port Arthur, Texas) is an athlete from the United States.

An aggressive high jump competitor, Acuff competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics as a member of USA Track and Field and is a three-time Olympian.

Her personal best is 2.01 m, which she achieved in Z├╝rich on 2003-08-15.

Acuff is also known for her career as a model, including multiple cover appearances.

Athletes in 'Playboy'
Candice Michelle

The WWE diva-turned-wrestler professional wrestler, seen here posing in the Playboy pool in 2003, appeared on the cover of the April 2006 edition of the magazine.

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