Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Dear bro Dani'el,

" Thank you for the accolades. I am still blushing. I think perhaps "mental institution" would be more appropriate instead of blogging institution in the circumstances.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to comment on your project. I am deeply honored to be included in your panel of illustrious names in the entertainment industry.

Yours is indeed a very ambitious plan, bold in its premise and definitely an event that will shape the future of our music industry. It is history in the making. It will make Malaysians proud and unite the rest of Asia under a common bond for the love of good music while the world looks on in awe.

My only worry is that the people you deal with in this noble quest may not be as honest and truthful as yourself and may try to take advantage of you in various ways for their own benefit.

I commend your bravery in carrying out this initiative and wish you the very best of success."

warmest regards

Dave Avran
Entertainment Journalist / Blogger / Publicist

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