Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Comments by some of the most INFLUENTIAL personalities from the Media, Communications and Publishing industries on "theartiste"

Hello everyone,

Earlier today, i rang some of the most influential people that are from some of the industries that concern directly or indirectly, "theartiste" and whose opinions are of much importance for us here at Covenant Artists Management and of which we will seriously consider before the official launch of "theartiste", expected soon....

Among the first to respond was Jake Abdullah and here is what he has to say:

"We need our own stars; we need our own role models!

Yes, the west offers a strong benchmark but Asia needs its own icon.

I believe this contest is important more now then ever as it will enable us, in unison to root for one candidate, one voice, one performer who carries our values and is revered by the world as an equal.

The fact that Tiger Woods is half Thai makes us cheer for him. Think about every time you saw an Asian doing well in the international arena;

Park Ji Sung (Manchester United), Sania Mirza (India), Sun Ji Hai (Manchester City).....didn't you feel some sense of pride?

We need an Asian International star...and we need him/her now."

jake abdullah
general manager
Programming Discipline and Integration
AMP Radio Networks
pho: +603 95438888 ext 7251
fax: +603 9543 5676

I will keep posting other comments as i keep receiving them...

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