Thursday, May 8, 2008


“ This elevates the aspirations of the entire country to place yet another positive piece in the completion of our jigsaw.

We have propelled world class talents on the international landscape in the areas of
movies ( Datuk Michelle Yeoh ), sports ( many many individuals from era's past to present ), fashion, architecture, literature, performing arts and so on.

The time has come for Malaysia to be represented on the Global 'STAGE' specifically in MUSIC.

Entertainers & Artiste's in the likes of the late P.Ramlee and Sudirman who had at one time captured that spot however could have made an even more bigger impact globally.

While it not only fuels positive ambition for the youth of our country but more importantly -
the 'opportunity' present's itself to any individual - as the reinforcing factor here becomes HOPE.
What is One without a purpose?

'As time minus purpose equates to distraction!' …”da’Prodigal Son”

Which often allows for many negative influences to take higher prominence versus realising a dream.

Dharanee - This dream which you have taken many years to realise will be the catalyst for the future generation to materialize.

Keep the flame - for without the spark there is no fire!"

God Bless & Guide.


Suresh Dharan
Strategic Planning Director Leo Burnett
( A member of Star Reacher Advertising Sdn. Bhd. )
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