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***A dominant Fox is set to be crowned the winner of the 2007-08 television season, one that the broadcast biz -- and perhaps even Fox -- would just as soon forget.

The writers strike, along with the rising popularity of DVRs and the increased availability of programming on multiple platforms, conspired to make this season the lowest-rated on record for the broadcasters
There was also a dearth of breakout hits, with no new show emerging as the biz's savior.

***Beginning June 3rd in New York City, the Comic Strip Live set the Guinness World Record for the longest stand up comedy show in history (50 straight hours).

It will be a fundraiser for the USO Metropolitan, an organization that supports US Troops and their families.

Over 100 top comedians are expected to attend and admission will be free the entire time (except from 8:30 pm - 12:30 am).

LBN-Elert Readers, Celebrities, elected officials, and insomniacs are especially welcome to stop by and be a part of a once in a lifetime event!

***Secret screenings are being held in Cannes by the documentary filmmaker, Keith Allen, for his film "There are Dark Forces," with presents never before seen shocking footage of a young Prince Phillip at Nazi events.

The invitation only screenings are meant to avoid the Royal Family from blocking the film.

The British press, some of whom are also exposed by hidden cameras in the documentary as connected to the Royal Family, are seen in the process of discussing the Inquest into the murder of Princess Di and Dodi Fayed.

***Veteran agents Rob Golenberg and Jack Dytman have been tapped to head the Gersh Agency's TV literary and packaging departments.

Official announcement comes in the wake of Gary Loder's exit from Gersh.

Golenberg had previously run the TV packaging unit, having joined Gersh in 2002.

Before that, he'd been at Artists Management Group, departing after its merger with the Firm.



***Woody Harrelson entranced by a woman who was not his wife on Paul Allen's giant yacht in Cannes.

***Edward Albee, of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" being recognized as a celebrity by thrilled patrons at '21' in NYC, who mistakenly attributed the late Arthur Miller's plays to him. Former news caster Bree Walker having coffee with a friend at Pete's Coffee on Beverly Blvd.

***John Corbett (of sex and the City) playing with his band at the Roxy last night.

***LL Cool J pumping iron for five hours straight at Club H on East 34th Street in NYC. in preparation for a Men's Fitness cover.

***Mark Cuban at Reebok Sports Club in NYC in a head-to-toe Dallas Mavericks uniform.

***Media expert and author Michael Levine having dinner with his girlfriend, Liane Mark, at La Scala in Beverly Hills last night.


***Wireless industry exec Peter Adderton is joining with William Morris Agency to create a hybrid firm, dubbed Agency 3.0, to help content providers and advertisers navigate the digital landscape and develop new products.

William Morris is taking an undisclosed stake in Agency 3.0.

***Rupert Murdoch is appointing Wall Street Journal publisher Robert Thomson as the financial newspaper's new managing editor.

He will also hold the title of editor in chief of Dow Jones.

Earlier: Thomson muses: "The New York Times has all the weaknesses of a monopoly newspaper."

***Red Herring's 19 employees are being evicted from its offices in Belmont, Calif., after the publisher reportedly fell behind in rent payments.

The tech title, which ceased publication in 2003, was revived a year later by new owner Alex Vieux.

Red Herring is said to be in "financial distress."

***Hilary Rosen, the former chief of the Recording Industry Association of America, is being named political director and Washington editor-at-large of the Huffington Post group blog.

Rosen will help take HuffPost's political coverage "to the next level," says co-founder Arianna Huffington.


***Start Licensing, Inc. (Start) today announced that it has granted a sole, worldwide license for the cloning of dogs, cats and endangered species to BioArts International, Ltd. (BioArts) of Mill Valley, California.

The license includes the grant of an exclusive option to BioArts for exclusivity in dog and cat cloning.

***Nearly 30 cities across the United States have seen their scheduled service disappear in the last year.

***An analyst who heard scoffing when he predicted $100-a-barrel oil now expects the price to reach $200.

***American Airlines will start charging $15 for the first checked bag, cut domestic flights and lay off workers as it grapples with record-high fuel prices.

The nation's largest carrier said Wednesday the fee for the first checked bag starts June 15 and that it would raise other fees for services ranging from reservation help to oversized bags.


LBN-SEE IT......Cher turns 62 - Cherilyn Sarkisian was born on May 20, 1946.

LBN-A DIFFERENT VIEW......Janis Joplin.....


Hillary Rodham Clinton, you've got a friend in Dirty Harry.

Though a longtime follower of John McCain -- dating back to the Arizona senator's 2000 run against George W. Bush in the GOP primary -- Clint Eastwood thinks Clinton deserves some serious respect.

And enough already with the calls for her to quit.

***Jessica Alba got hitched yesterday to Cash Warren, but she apparently forgot to tell her own bro.

"My sister!? I'm going to have to call her!" said Josh Alba when Us called him to ask about the good news.

Awkward. Jess and Cash, reports People, went to the Beverly Hills courthouse and did the deed in the building's ceremony room.

They got their license and then waited for 40 minutes to make it legal.

***Boy band man Lou Pearlman -- the guy who made the Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC famous -- just got 25 years in the big house for money laundering and conspiracy, among other charges. Mr. Pearlman pleaded guilty back in March to a long, complicated con game that basically pumped up his net worth and cheated other people out of millions. The judge gave him the maximum sentence.

***Billy Bob Thornton is under fire for allegedly being a huge cyber-pest -- the kind that shoots off annoying e-mails and plants bugs in people's homes. According to an LAPD report filed by Elysabeth Cherniak -- the sister of Billy Bob's fourth wife -- Thornton has been harassing her for nearly two years. She originally thought he was trying to "court her," but then "the e-mails became more insulting." She also believes "Mr. Thorton [sic] has listning [sic] devices in her home."

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LBN-QUOTE: "He's in a fighting mood."--SENATOR JOHN KERRY, on Edward M. Kennedy, who was found to have a brain tumor.

LBN-HISTORY: On May 21, 1927, Charles A. Lindbergh landed his Spirit of St. Louis near Paris, completing the first solo airplane flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

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