Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Amber Chia, Roslan Aziz & da'Prodigal Son- wednesday, 4th June 2008

Covenant Artists Management (CAM) are delighted to announce that we are representing some of Malaysia's biggest and hottest talents on a non-exclusive, promotional & marketing agreement. We sincerely and fervently believe that they deserve wider recognition in the global market place.

Amber Chia and Roslan Aziz are already living legends and household names and CAM are truly excited to be the vehicle for their journey towards becoming global brands.

And....da'Prodigal son, a gifted songwriter, whose songs come almost perfect, with the key ingredients of great melodies, great melodies & great melodies,( repetitions are intentional ) & great Rhythm, Groove & Soul, all it needs now are the other elements to come together and.....a possible Grammy nomination????? for Song of the Year.......????? deo volente.....

Amber Chia

This Sabahan lass comes from a humble family and for all of us who have been blessed to know her and have had the privilege to work with her will agree and readily attest that Amber is very very humble too, "a tree is known by it's fruit"...." & GOD gives grace to the humble....." and we believe those are some of the reasons why, Amber's stars continue to shine brighter & brighter.....

At the tender age of 17, she moved to Kuala Lumpur to pursue her modeling dream and quickly won the "GUESS Watches International Search 2004/2005" in Switzerland, being personally chosen by Paul Marciano.

This earned her an acknowledgement in the Malaysian Book Of Records as the first Asian to become the face of Guess International Watches. She was the best female model Malaysia and the Sexiest Female Model Malaysia, .and In 2006/2007, she clinched "FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in Singapore and Malaysia" title.

Amber’s skyrocketing modeling career has empowered her to carry out charity work and she continually strives to improve her skills to better her career.



nathan east, bassist & composer, "easy lover"...etc with philip bailey & phil collins......once remarked....Roslan, are like Quincy Jones,...
Roslan, man, you are for the WORLD......

Roslan also comes from a humble background.
His talent was discovered by his grandfather who bought him his first drumset at the age of five.
The prodigy was a regular member of his uncle's band The Dukes.

He accepted an engineering job from the legendary Booty Boys in 1982, and has since recorded hundreds of songs and later produced Sheila Majid's ground breaking albums Dimensi Baru and Emosi.
He then formed Roslan Aziz Productions in 1988 signing Zubir Ali as his first artiste.
Can we forget the ground breaking "Hijau"....all in the know would readily attest that zainal,
ex headwind was merely a vehicle, it was Roslan's album, a noted music industry source who chooses to remain anonymous exclaimed....that's how it is with Roslan.....
"some Producers produce the same way for all the singers, but producers like Roslan Aziz & Quincy Jones, their productions accompany the singers..." they have that stamp, their own stamp....their own standards....UNLIKE many others.......

Over the years, Roslan Aziz Productions has developed into Malaysia's strongest independent music company through a shrewd understanding of the local market.
RAP’s strategy attracted the attention of Warner Music International, which acquired a 49% stake in the firm (Billboard, June 11) as the latter looks at overseas opportunities for local artists.

Among the numerous awards garnered by Roslan were Best Album for “Gamal” from AIM 1995, best album AIM awards “Ratu” (1996) Best Album award for “Emosi” at BASF, Indonesia in 1987 and in 2002 he won the Most Promising Producer at the Music Producers Awards in the United States.

Roslan Aziz was also one of the judges in the Malaysian Idol seasons 1 and 2.
Roslan directed and produced the historical Siti Nurhaliza concert at the Royal Albert hall in London in 2005 and later was appointed the musical director for the phenomenal sell-out Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical in 2006.
He was appointed the coveted post of Principal at Akademi Fantasia Season 5 which concluded in May 2007.

aLi is the latest project by Roslan and his long time friend, Mukhlis Nor, a song writer and the man behind many succesful albums by Zainal Abidin and Sheila Majid.
In this exciting endeavour they have decided to be the frontline as the singers of their own creative songs.

This is a tough challenge for this duo as the music that they are bringing in is something transcendental, bravely crossing racial boundaries to wider appeal from all Malaysians.


da’ Prodigal Son

da’ Prodigal Son is a talented young man destined for stardom. This former DJ currently plays in a band and has amassed over 300 original songs.

“We sincerely believe that the perfect combination of the “ Rhythm, Groove & Soul and sweet melody songs of da’Prodigal Son have the potential to go where no other Malaysian song has gone before, possibly Grammy Award Winning Quality…
all it needs now is the other elements to come together, the right singer, the right producer, the right platform and the right time….for the songs of da’prodigal son to become classics……

Watch this space for more breaking news on this amazing local songwriter.


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roslan aziz productions said...


1. What is the big picture for aLi and what are the long term plans like?
Continue to make what we make for a long time to come hopefully.. finish the second album and work on the following soon after. We reckon we will be doing this all our lives in some form or other, who knows where aLi will take us in the future. With passion and excitement as the driving force we figure can go on forever.

2. What is the common bond that holds you guys together as a working unit?
Music. We share ideals, philosophy and principles in finding solutions to our equations. Equilibrium of the sciences and arts. Creative processes not bound by convention. So we can continue to reinterpret and redefine the work we do.

3. How did this collaboration begin?
What continued for us as a routine day to day exercise of songwriting and music producing "took a turn for the purse". Our collaboration has gone through at least 4 or 5 incarnations over the last 22 years. Same approach, different concept each time.

4. What does this collection of songs represent?
Unity. Faith and Relationships (So as to be optimistic). It's actually mostly about sex and politics but don't tell anyone this. We always love versatility and modern styling, where they're deep-rooted in traditions yet sophisticated. A narrative rich in moral values and judgments not unlike what we as humans make, keep and adhere by everyday.

5. How do you hope the listening audience would view this?
As the farthest visible point to date. We get very serious when we prepare our presentations. Therefore we stretch and compress our resources limitlessly. Most often we come up with the most brilliant templates, master plans and blueprints for the strong and faint-hearted alike.

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