Tuesday, June 10, 2008

latest from HOLLYWOOD- Tuesday, 10th June 2008

i Phone 2.0

Minutes ago, Steve Jobs wrapped up his keynote at the Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, where he launched the much anticipated version 2.0 of the iPhone.

It’s amazing!

The coolest features that will be added is 3G network and GPS.

Comes out July 11.

And the best part?

Prices are significantly lower, with the 8GB selling for $199 and the 16GB for $299.

Great prices!

For all my other fellow geeks out there, proceed to Gizmodo for more info

Angelina Goes GREEN

Film critic Thelma Adams says that Angelina Jolie is worth the $12-15 million she earns per movie.

She explains,
Overall, she is worth the millions that she’s paid.

She really is a good actress, and one of the sexiest women alive.

Plus, she’s got the kids and Brad Pitt.

She’s a triple word score!Kung Fu Panda would have made a ton of money either way — it was such a huge family film — but it wouldn’t have broken a sweat in Cannes except for Angelina on the carpet pregnant with twins,” says Adams.

The animated family movie overtook the No. 1 spot this weekend with $60 million, knocking Sex and the City down to third place.

Her last film, Beowulf, which opened in November, also debuted No. 1 with $28 million in earnings

Britney Sports Spot

A Los Angeles court has rejected Britney Spears‘ latest appeal to overturn the conservatorship awarded to her father in February.

It was ruled that motion was not filed with correct procedures and therefore the appeal was denied.

So pretty much it was overruled because crap wasn’t done correctly. Good job!


P.Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean John/Puffy has decided confuse everyone even more and go back to Puff Daddy.

He eloquently rapped in a remix of O’Neal McKnight’s single “Check Your Coat.” ,

They call me Puff Daddy… he’s back. Yeah you heard me right – I said Puff Daddy, I’m about to back on that Puff Daddy sh*t.

Pamela Anderson was paid $100,000 to host swimsuit competition in her native country of Canada at Club Opera.

Pam, however, pissed off the media when she refused to give any interviews or take photos.

The press was insulted by her attitude on her home soil.

Beyonce Sans Make up

Ahh yes, we can all see how much production actually goes into making a star shine.

Beyonce looks pretty acceptable without makeup, though…unlike other people that look like something died on their face

John Lennon - Legend

The best music ever produced.
the best songs ever written.....

......and the LORD GOD made........EVA.........mendes

One thing is for sure, this woman is on fire.

Please do believe the hype around celebrities going nude on magazines out of desperation because of their failing careers, but not for this one.

This latina just scored a #1 movie two weeks in a row with Ghost Rider, and she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Eva Mendes is one of the few very succesful Latinas that have climbed their way up to the Hollywood A-list, and to that, I say one thing,


Playboy magazine has chosen Scarlett Johansson as the Sexiest Celebrity of the Year (What a shocker!) Playboy defines her as:

…The apex of beauty and sensuality - from her porcelain skin to her fully feminine figure to her mysterious charisma, which is at once palpable and indefinable.

I know that’s probably a huge honor and all, being considered super sexy by a magazine…but the quote above freaks me out just a little bit!

It sounds like some dude was jacking off to her while he wrote it.

Is it just me?

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