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By Jeff Freedman

It’s official:
The Boston Celtics lead the Los Angeles Lakers 3 games to 1 in the NBA Finals.
That is not a misprint.

You can wake up now, and yes, the Celtics did indeed win last night, 97-91.

If you went to bed early and relied on the fact that the Lakers led by 20 points at halftime and as many as 24 points into the third quarter, then you should know that it’s not over until the last celebrity has left the Staples Center.
And that certainly wasn’t Kobe Bryant, who walked off the court before the game was even over


Shuttle Discovery and its crew of seven landed safely on Earth Saturday, capping a successful expansion job at the international space station.

Commander Mark Kelly acknowledged that he and his six crewmates were concerned when they spotted something drifting away from the spacecraft Friday morning.

Engineers concluded that it was a clip that protects the shuttle's tail from the flames and heat during liftoff.

The clip has fallen off before on previous flights with no ill effect as it has no function during the shuttle's fiery plunge through the atmosphere towards the landing strip, deputy shuttle program manager LeRoy Cain said Friday.

During the 14-day mission, Discovery's crew installed a new Japanese room on the International Space Station The room, named "Hope" in Japanese, is the station's largest and will be used to conduct scientific experiments.

Discovery also dropped astronaut Greg Chamitoff at the station to start a six-month stay at the live-in laboratory.
Taking Chamitoff's seat on the shuttle was astronaut Garrett Reisman, who has been aboard the station since early March.

The space station is pictured with a blue and white backdrop of Earth viewed from Discovery as the two spacecraft began separation.

How I Made It

Perez Hilton:

Turning a blog into an empire

Stefano Paltera / For The Times

“I think what I do is noble.

I think my job title is entertainer.

I shine the light on celebrities behaving badly, and I also shine the light on those that get it right.

And those that get it right, I applaud.”

By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

June 13, 2008

The gig: As the self-proclaimed "Queen of All Media," Hilton has become a pop culture phenom with his Hollywood gossip blog, which draws about 7 million page views a day. is filled with snarky comments and paparazzi photos and helped usher in 24-hour celebrity "info-tainment."


Bachelor's degree in drama from New York University.

Former jobs: Publicist, actor and journalist at gay publications and tabloid Star magazine.

Got the idea: Hilton, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, began blogging as a hobby after seeing how easy it was.

He focused on Hollywood "because it was something I was inherently curious about, fascinated with.

And, let's face it, celebrities -- a lot of them -- are crazy."

Along the path: Started his blog, then called PageSixSixSix, in 2004 with a post about Howard Stern.
Within months, tabloid TV show "The Insider" dubbed it "Hollywood's most-hated website."

This led to a huge boost in Web traffic.

Name change: After getting sued by the New York Post, which publishes gossip section Page Six, Hilton changed the blog's name to

The name reflects his Cuban roots and "the wacky world of celebrities."

And what does pal Paris Hilton think? "She loves it."

How it works: Hilton, 30, constantly checks his e-mail, text messages and voice mail and scours the Web for the latest gossip on "A-listers to D-listers to Z-listers," updating his blog an average of 40 times a day.

His sources include publicists, agents, managers, dog walkers, nannies and celebrities themselves.

Advertisers pay as much as $54,000 to run a one-day ad package on the site.

First big purchase: A new Toyota Camry.

Most surreal moment: When Madonna made him a video in which she seductively asked, "Who do you love more: me or [Hilton's dog] Teddy?"

Naturally, Hilton posted the clip -- and his response -- on his blog.

Guilty pleasure: "Cheesy pop music," especially British group Girls Aloud.

The Perez brand: Hilton debuted a clothing line, sold exclusively at retail chain Hot Topic, last week.

He also appears in a summer movie, "Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild," hosts a syndicated radio show, is writing a book on celebrities and is in talks to start his own record label.

"I want my own little empire."

What fame hasn't brought: Hilton dishes that "in 2007, I got laid once.

One time.
Which, for a gay man, is unheard of.

That's like, celibate.

"In his own words: "I think what I do is noble.

I think my job title is entertainer.

I shine the light on celebrities behaving badly, and I also shine the light on those that get it right.

And those that get it right, I applaud."


Finds New Home At Def Jam

June 13, 2008, 3:25 PM ET

Mariel Concepcion, N.Y.

Amerie has signed to Def Jam Records, according to label reps.

The R&B singer parted ways with former label Columbia earlier this year.

While there, Amerie released two albums, 2002's "All I Have" and 2005's "Touch," which have sold 657,000 and 404,000 copies in the United States respectively, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Another album, 2007's "Because I Love It," was never officially released in the U.S., although it did appear internationally.

It is unclear whether "Because I Love It" will see the light of day via Def Jam, as Amerie is already at work on a new studio project.

In related news, fellow Universal label Island Urban has inked R&B singer Dondria, aka, Phatfffat.

The 21 year-old Texas native's first single, "Can't Stop," hits radio next week and her debut album, "Dondria Vs. Phatffat," is slated for July 29.

Dondria has amassed a YouTube fanbase of almost 27,000 subscribers and touts more than 1.3 million channel views.

One of YouTube's 10 most popular artists of all time, she was discovered by Dupri, who asked her to document her creative process for the last six months by uploading covers of songs like Chrisette Michele's "Love Is You."

"I have never witnessed an Internet-driven phenomenon that even comes close to this in my entire career," says Dupri.

Dondria marks another attempt by Dupri to manufacture organic online marketing and monetize YouTube's popularity.

Island's first online-driven artist was Harlem, N.Y.'s Jason Fox.

Signed to a singles deal on the heels of Soulja Boy's popularity in 2007, Fox's single "Aunt Jackie" has gone on to sell 15,000 digital copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Picture of the day-TORNADO

Posted Jun 14th 2008 3:20PM by TMZ Staff

Hopefully the Doggfather has some pull at the station.

Snoop's wife, Shante Broadus, was arrested at 12:15 AM PT this morning in Fullerton, Ca. for driving under the influence.

She was released with a citation --

there's no bail needed for DUI arrests in Fullerton.

Snoop and Shante are high school sweethearts.

THIS is a mistake.

Have you heard the new Eagles album?

I’m guessing no.

Even though 3 million copies were moved by Wal-Mart, it was an impulse item for baby boomers.

Sure, some hard core fans purchased the disc too, but if you don’t care about the Eagles, it’s like the album didn’t even come out, like it doesn’t even exist.

There was some airplay for the initial J.D. Souther-penned song "How Long", but who listens to music radio anymore anyway?

The Eagles/Wal-Mart deal was about the money.

A way for the band to get a ton up front, guaranteed, and the retailer to drive customers into its stores to hopefully buy a washing machine or another big ticket item.

But I ask you, is a kid going to go to Wal-Mart to buy the new AC/DC album?

This is a head-scratcher.

You see AC/DC is still signed to a major label.

But you know why they made a deal with Wal-Mart?

For the MONEY!

Majors don’t give a shit about an act’s career, they just want their dough up front.

To limit AC/DC sales exclusively to Wal-Mart is akin to limiting bubblegum sales to Tiffany.

There aren’t many outlets and kids aren’t going to go there anyway!

Sure, there are oldster AC/DC fans.

But if the band were only interested in the geriatrics, why did they wait eight years to make a record?

They could have just recorded some power chords or goose farts and the oldsters would have picked up the CD at a discounted price at Wal-Mart.

This is not educated buyers, listening to cuts on the radio first, this is out of it cretins who are shopping for detergent and giant boxes of corn flakes.

Your hard core rock and roll audience?

Give me a break.

Not that AC/DC doesn’t attract a blue collar audience, that might be its core, but why in HELL is the band leaving all the kids out?

Does it just figure teens will steal the new album and is writing them off?

AC/DC is the biggest band still alive in the minds of teenagers.

Pink Floyd vows to never tour again and Led Zeppelin ain’t hitting the boards soon, so that just leaves Angus and his crew, as the torchbearers of rock and roll.

Oh, you say, what difference does it make, the band doesn’t offer its catalog on iTunes ANYWAY!

If METALLICA can make a deal with Apple, AC/DC certainly can.

Is the band just that out of it?

Having spent too much time Down Under?

Kids want files, for their iPods, to take with them everywhere, to play at parties…

And they want vinyl, as a badge of honor.

And some even want the CD, to evidence their addiction.

But AC/DC cares not a whit about all this, about the new generation.

It’s like they’re having a fire sale, trying to get everybody’s dough one last time.

They don’t understand what they MEAN TO PEOPLE!

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where a band won’t let its fans buy its record?

One where the only thing that matters is money?

Where music takes not even a back seat, but rides in the trunk?

And I’ve got news for you Angus… Everybody listens to cuts now, everybody listens to his iPod on shuffle.

To deny this is to appear as demented as the major labels themselves.

If people want singles, let them buy them.

You know how it works, don’t you?

If you love the single, you buy more… Isn’t that the essence of fandom?

iTunes is not a perfect solution.

But we live in a digital age.

The album is dead.

o keep one’s head in the sand, to stand on ceremony, is just fucking stupid.

Who’s managing this band anyway?

The key is to make the music easier to access, easier to buy… Owning "Back In Black" should be so awe-inspiring, that you choose to experiment with earlier tracks.

We want experimentation, don’t we?

We want people to check things out, don’t we?

So why do you have to drive to fucking Wal-Mart to buy the whole fucking album when all you want is the damn thing on your iPod?

And you wonder why recorded music sales are in the crapper.

Not only the labels, but the acts are so out of touch with how people acquire and listen that the gulf may widen to the point where it’s ultimately impassable and music is truly free.

AC/DC is BEGGING people to steal this album.
The closest Wal-Mart to me is almost twenty miles away!

Assuming there’s no traffic, that’s an eight dollar fuel surcharge on the disc.

But at least I’ve got wheels…

Kids, home from school, music addicts, but without their driver’s licenses, are inured to getting their music online.

And if you won’t sell it track by track, they’ll steal it that way.

If you don’t know this, you’re still living in the twentieth century, still waiting for Napster to come along and blow your mind.

Metallica arrives in 2008, tries to dream up new paradigms, tries to satiate the fan

and AC/DC wants to fight the same damn battle Lars lost years ago.

Utterly ignorant.

And despicable.

By: bob 2008/06/09

Bernadette Peters: Good Genes or Good Docs?

Posted Jun 14th 2008 10:13AM

Film, television and stage star Bernadette Peters has been acting and singing professionally since she was ten-years-old --

which from the looks of it was only a few years ago!
Here's a 37-year-old Bernie in 1985 (left) -- and the ageless, 60-year-old widow (SIXTY!) at her NYC book signing on Thursday.
Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia ain't got nuthin' on this golden girl!

'Simpsons' snags four Key Art Awards

'Bee Movie,' 'Borat,' 'No Country for Old Men' also earn top awards

By Carolyn Giardina

June 14, 2008, 01:00 AM

"The Simpsons Movie" picked up four Key Arts Awards Friday night.

The advertising for "The Simpsons Movie" earned four trophies, including best of show in the print category, at the 37th Annual Hollywood Reporter Movie Marketing Key Art Awards.

Best of show awards were also presented to "Bee Movie" in the A/V category and "Borat" in home entertainment.

Along with "The Simpsons Movie," marketing materials for "No Country for Old Men" and "300" were big winners, all earning four awards each, Friday night during a ceremony hosted by Jeff Garlin at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.

"Some people care about baseball...I care about the design and creation of movie marketing materials," Garlin said.

The studios for "The Simpsons Movie" and "No Country," 20th Century Fox and MIramax respectively, snagged four awards each, the most for any single studio, BLT & Associates, Crew Creative Advertising and Mojo were the top winners on the vendor side, earning three trophies each.

The "Simpsons" best of show awarded was presented on the strength of a theatrical standee from Drissi Advertising and Idea Planet for Fox.

The title also won awards for best website design, new media (special recognition) and theatrical standees.

The "Bee Movie" best of show honor was selected for a trailer from The Ant Farm/Sameth A.D.V. for Dreamworks Animation/Paramount Pictures.

Best of Show in home entertainment went to a TV spot from CMP Home Entertainment and Fox Home Entertainment.

"No Country" and its studio Miramax won awards in the newly-created best campaign category, as well as for drama trailer, motion graphics and A/V (special recognition).

"300" was honored for its trailer (action adventure/horror), international A/V (trailers and TV spots), new media (home entertainment) and print (special recognition).

Mojo was honored for its work on the "300" trailer, international A/V and print (special recognition).

BLT was recognized on the strength of its "Grindhouse" print (action adventure/horror), "Juno" print (comedy), and "Transformers" outdoor print advertising.

Crew Creative took home awards for international print for "Knocked Up," festival/market print for LA Shorts Fest, and best copy line for "The TV Set."

Print winners included "Premonition" for drama, "Taxi to the Dark Side" for documentary, "Ratatouille" for family.

In the theatrical trailers categories, winners included "Superbad" for comedy and "Bee Movie" for family.

Judd Apatow received the Visionary Award, recognizing a filmmaker who inspires movie marketers, during the presentation.

"I'd like to thank everyone here who has done such amazing work.

I've enjoyed my interactions with everybody," Apatow joked onstage.

"It's one of the most fun parts of the process.

This award brings me full circle because I started out thinking you were all f***ing a**holes.

"A total of 1,335 submissions were judged this year.

The Hollywood Reporter sister company Nielsen Research Group administered and tabulated the ballots, and also determined the winners in each category.

Bob Israel, chairman of the Key Art Awards Advisory Board, executive produced the show for the eighth consecutive year.

Mike Greenfeld, former chairman and co-founder of The Ant Farm and managing partner of Anticipation, Tim Nett, executive creative director of Trailer Park, and Terry Curtin, CEO and creative director, Intralink Film Graphics Design, co-executive produced the show.

Scott Mauro Entertainment produced, and Sameth A.D.V.'s David Sameth served as the show's creative consultant .

This year's Key Art Awards sponsors include the Los Angeles Times, Crew Creative, Menagerie Creative and Weston/Mason Entertainment Advertising.

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