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Hello readers, we just want to post & share a note from a business associate in Los Angeles, who is also a close friend. We have known Doug'zz since the mid-90's and he was intrumental in my visiting & getting tickets for the Quincy Jones Music Cares Dinner & the GRAMMY'S IN 1996. We just want to share it with you.


Waberstein Entertainment Worldwide,

Los Angeles, California

Dear Readers,

A business associate & friend from Los Angeles, who works with the likes of Snoop/dr.dre/Eminem etc etc.,Doug'zz, sent me a note after hearing about "theartiste", and here's his note....

My Brother Dan the 'Q',

I am glad that you have chose to realize your calling, a dream that is so ingrained in you, i am proud if i can be of ANY help in you future, to me the realization of a dream is the epitome of success!

...and you my brother is nothing short of that.

It is such a surreal experience to know that a friend is going to be part of the

"Asian Explosion",

i know that there have been many Asian star's that have come up in the ranks,but what your company and more importantly YOU are

(and i have NO doubt you will!!!)

going to achieve is and has the potential for unparalled & unprecedented success and recognition, and not to forget, groundbreaking for all Asian talents.

Please call on me when you in Los Angeles as my resources are at you disposal 24/7.

Peace my Brother ...and as usual You have Kept It Real.


Haberstein Entertainment Worlwide.

Los Angeles ,California.

Cynthia Nixon, a recent breast cancer survivor, helps raise almost $5 million to fight disease

By Pamela Newlands

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today)
6/15/08 –

Led by ‘Sex and the City’ star Cynthia Nixon and other celebrities, nearly 50,000 breast cancer survivors and activists gathered last week for the 19th annual Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure.

The 5K run raised $4.9 million to fund breast cancer research and Washington D.C. community health programs.

“I always sort of thought, I’m probably going to get breast cancer,” says Nixon.
“I didn’t really want to make it public while I was going through it.”

When Nixon was 12 years old, her mother beat breast cancer.

‘Sex and the City’ is a triumph at the box office, with a worldwide gross of $207 million.
“I’d be delighted to make another movie,” says Nixon.

“It was surreal”, says Nixon.
“When you come back to the studio and there’s your old dressing room, and you go into the wardrobe room and it’s exactly as it was, and all the same people are there, you do feel like you’re stepping back in time.

You put your clothes on.

You dye your hair.

You get back with these women.

It’s not too hard.”

“It was amazing,” says Nixon of her experience shooting the film.
“People would plan their days around where we were filming and come to watch for eight, ten, twelve hours.

There were some ’tween girls on the subway platform one time and they were very excited to see me.

They said, ‘do you really have sex on that show?’ and I said ‘no’.”

Nixon has a memorable sex scene in the ‘Sex and the City’ movie.
“I was a little nervous about it but I saw why it was important to do it,” says Nixon.

“I didn’t feel so naked.

My makeup people were making me feel good and Michael Patrick was working on the camera, so I felt pretty taken care of.

Michael is very supporting and very loving.”

Nixon received two nominations and one Emmy for her work on the ‘Sex and the City’ television series.
She got four consecutive Golden Globe nominations.

Nixon won a Tony award for her performance in the play ‘Rabbit Hole’.

She stars with Alec Baldwin and Timothy Hutton in the film ‘Lymelife’, set for theatrical release in 2009.

‘Sex and the City’Running Time: 2 hrs. 25 min.
Release Date: May 30th, 2008 (USA)

Rating: R for strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language.

Distributor: New Line Cinema

Accused of sex with a minor, R. Kelly goes home a free man

By Brian Frederick
CHICAGO, IL (Hollywood Today)

6/15/08 - -

The first word out of the mouth of Robert Sylvester Kelly (41) after being acquitted of all child pornography counts against him.

“Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus,” he said, according to one attorney from his dream team, Sam Adam Jr.

In the case of The People of Illinois v. Robert Kelly, in Cook County, Illinois Circuit Court, Criminal Division, a court clerk clearly read the verdicts for each of the 14 counts of child pornography

“Not guilty,” the clerk said.
As each count was being read, the R & B star grabbed the hands of his lawyers, bowed his head low, shut his eyes tight and searched for the comfort of Jesus to save him from a life in prison.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Not surprising since the victim in the sex case refused to testify and neither did the victim’s parents.

“When all the facts came out, he (R. Kelly) would be cleared of these terrible charges.
All he wants to do is move forward and put it behind him,” said a spokesperson in a released statement.

After six years of Chicago’s best prosecutors spending millions of the taxpayer’s dollars going after a superstar on weak and questionable evidence, the jury reached an acquittal for Kelly in three hours.
The trial, lasting nearly four weeks, heard testimony of multiple sexual encounters from witnesses and were endured to watch a tape in which a male participant urinated on a female.

The female victim calls the assailant, “Daddy” in the tape.”

The 27 minutes of video tape “Peoples Exhibit No. 1” was questionable from the first day of testimony and could not clearly define the perpetrator of the crime.
The naked female now 23, was a goddaughter to Kelly.

The victim and Kelly denied they were in the video.

Since the victim refused to testify in the case, this left a critical hole in the prosecution’s case against Kelly.

Without the victim to testify against Kelly, the prosecution was forced to rely on other witnesses to testify.

Kelly’s lawyer Adam was asked if he knew who the alleged victim was in the video.
His response, “If you find out let us know.”

Lawyers for Kelly had argued that Kelly was not the man in the sex video and that the victim supports his claim.

Clearly strong enough evidence in which the People’s attorney should have known would acquit Kelly.

In all, 22 witnesses were called in court to testify in the case against Kelly, including other relatives of the victim.

“Money, money, money, that’s what this case is all about,” said Kelly’s lawyer Adam.

Kelly’s lead lawyer for his dream team, Ed Genson had this to say.
“The evidence won the case and we put together the best trial team I have seen in 43 years of practicing law.”

The jurors had stated in interviews that they were sharply divided in the beginning of deliberations.
Three hours later, the jury - made up of eight white and four black jurors voted to acquit Kelly.

Another turning point for Kelly’s case was the prosecution’s star witness Ms. Van Allen, who stated she had sex with Kelly and the victim.
Her testimony was deemed questionable, since the victim denied this.

Despite the six year case against R. Kelly, the people of Illinois have unwittingly promoted the singer songwriter.
He has since released five albums and gone on tour, singing to millions of adoring fans.

His new single ‘Hair Braider’ is sure to benefit from his acquittal.

Kelly has worked with some of music’s top stars such as P Diddy and Jay-Z.

$55 million weekend for surpisingly strong Hulk

By Keith Williams

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today)
7/14/08 —

Hulk. Happening. Hulk. Happening.

Which one to go to?

Both opening on the same day, but can see only one due to time and budget.

Given most if not all movie critics seem determined to give away what The Happening’s about in their reviews, it’ll have to be that so the element of surprise has a chance of working before I accidentally find out.

Off to our local multiplex in Wales, Hulk’s on the big screen, Happening on the smaller.
Hulk has attracted 9 moviegoers for its opening matinee (not bad, given whenever I see new films on that screen there’re usually less than four), Happening 8 (again, good, and interestingly all couples).

Lady in the Water bombed.

Village wasn’t much liked.

The Happening is unlikely to be any different.

Once word of mouth gets around that the film - which slowly dies the moment you realise what it’s about - is not that special, expect it to plummet rapidly.

Hulk should do okay, but hardly seems likely to be a blockbuster in the same class as Iron Man and Indiana Jones.

Were audiences prepared to pay twice to see what they didn’t like the first time?

Is the film worth catching after hearing Ed Norton’s unprepared to promote it due to not liking the final cut?

Does it all come down to novelty of appeal more than whether the new version is actually any good or not?

Or are audiences still flocking (in the US) to Kung Fu Panda, draining the week’s new releases?

21 million friday for Hulk in America is nothing to sneeze at, but not Incredible, 13 for Happening a false taste of what’s to come.

55 mill weekend for Hulk seems feasible, taking a stab at 29 for Happening.

With every hairdresser and housewife in the land having now seen Sex in the City,

Indiana Jones IV not appearing to be enjoying repeat business, and Iron Man nearly gone having decimated everything in its path, there’s no other major release here in the UK to distract from Happening vs Hulk.

Still, I suspect the outcome will be roughly the same here as there but on an even lower scale.
As for getting around to seeing Hulk (which I approach as an action fan more than a comicbook devotee), that’ll now have to wait until next week when here it’s competition will be The Ruins, Teeth, The Edge of Love, and The Escapist.

Should we get Ruins - not a dead cert even with the poster and standee in the lobby plus the trailer showing on the big screen - alas the Hulk will have to wait yet again as the former holds far more interest for me thanks to the brilliant book it’s based on.

Oh for the days when you had less choice and more chance of seeing everything.

Published by Carolina on June 15th, 2008 (2 hours ago)

Fifteen-year-old Muscovite Kira Plastinina has been building a fashion empire for quite some time, and now, she’s launched her store in the US

The first fashion store will open in LA, where else?

The launch party was jam packed with celebrities:
Audrina Patridge, Hayden Panettiere, Katharine McPhee, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, and even Tara Reid, who still looks a hot mess!

Say buh bye to Keira Knightley and hello to Emma Watson.

The Harry Potter star is reportedly taking over for the super skinny K.K. as the new face of Chanel!

And, according to The Mail on Sunday, Emma is set to make $6 million for her new deal.


A source tells the paper, "Emma has been slowly integrated into the Chanel brand.

They have been dressing her for film premieres and parties over recent months to see if she is the right fit.

Once it became clear she is growing into a beautiful young woman and wears the Chanel brand so elegantly, they had to sign her up."

Add this to all the money she's already made from Harry Potter and Watson never has to work again.

She's only 18.

Avril Lavigne has cancelled her concert in Barcelona on Sunday.

The cause for the cancellation?

The singer and "songwriter" is in a state of "indisposition."

Isn't that always the case??????
Avril cancels concerts as often as she changes underwear (which may not be a lot or may be too much, depending on how you look at it).

clooney & sarah....

He's Not A Player, He Just @#$% A Lot

Check this out!

According to reports, George Clooney already has a new girlfriend AND he's been seeing her for MONTHS.

That's right, Georgie's said to have been dating the new girl while he was still with sarah(above).

Clooney has "been dating a woman in her mid-30s" for months now.

George knew he was going to leave Sarah Larson months ago, yet he let her do interviews and modeling to "get her a career" before the split

Awww, the Clooney is a humanitarian, in all aspects of his life!

maddie & guy splits ville..........? ? ? ? ? ? ?

We call bullshit on this too, but…

The British media is reporting that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are turning to Kabbalah to help "save their marriage."

You know, the marriage that doesn't need any saving to begin with!

The Daily Mail is reporting that her Madgesty and her Guy are both seeing Kabbalah counselors to try and repair their relationship.

Uh huh!

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