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Superhero mom and husband welcome first child

By Matthew B. Zeidman

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Today)

6/10/08 –

She’s best known for playing a genetically modified superhero both on the big and small screens, and now leading lady Jessica Alba has the title “supermom” to add to her repertoire.

She gave birth to her and her husband, Cash Warren’s, first child—a daughter—on Saturday.

Alba’s publicist, Brad Cafarelli, confirmed the birth of Honor Marie Warren, telling Us Magazine the newborn was delivered at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

The bundle of joy comes less than a month after the wedding of Alba, 27, and Warren, 29.

Earlier this year, Alba, whose father is Mexican American, told “Latina” magazine she planned to learn Spanish in order to teach it to her child (and future children).

“Hopefully I can pick it up, because I want my kids to speak Spanish,” the “Idle Hands” star told the publication.

“I don’t even want them to speak English for maybe the first two to three years, until pre-school.

We’re in the United States, so they’re going to learn it anyway.”

Though Alba became a household name in 2000 following her breakout role in sci-fi television series “Dark Angel,” the native Californian was already an experienced actress, having made her feature-film debut in the 1994 Christopher Lloyd comedy “Camp Nowhere.”

She subsequently appeared in several films and television shows, including “Chicago Hope,” “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Never Been Kissed.”

Her next project, “The Love Guru,” hits U.S. theaters on June 20.

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A Snag with Actors Guild over AFTRA Contract with AMPTP

By Brian Frederick

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today)
6/9/08 -
Like two prize fighters battling for the heavyweight championship, SAG members angrily swung back against AFTRA this morning.
The actor’s guild leaders chanted for a vote-down against the AFTRA agreement with the studios and producers outside SAG headquarters in Hollywood, California.
“It is essential to vote down that AFTRA deal,” said SAG President Allen Rosenberg.
“A vote no says, get back to the table with the Screen Actors Guild.”

“We are engaged in the battle of our lives.” Rosenberg said.
The tentative AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) contract with the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) provides residual payments for ad-supported streams and clips on the internet and establishes higher fees for downloaded content.
SAG believes the revenue scale in the AFTRA contract puts SAG at a disadvantage and cheats their members.

Of the 139,000 members in SAG, approximately 44,000 members are also AFTRA members.
SAG’s board wants those members to vote down the AFTRA agreement.
AFTRA has 78,000 members. In attendance were actors Marg Helgenberger of CSI, Keith Carradine and Ed Asner.

SAG’s contract is set to expire on June 30.
With pressure mounting on the SAG executive board to sign a deal before their contract expires, temperatures are mounting by its guild members who fear a repeat of the 2007-2008 writer’s strike.
The WGA strike created an economic loss of $2.5 billion to the Los Angeles economy and close to 38,000 jobs lost according to city officials.

Rosenberg read down a list of issues facing SAG and its battle with the AMPTP, inciting AFTRA for hindering their negotiations.
The crowd responded, “vote no, vote no, Hollywood is a union town.”
Although billed as a “solidarity rally,” the event was more like an embittered spouse who lost the divorce battle in court,” said one AFTRA member in attendance just to observe the proceedings.
“AFTRA has abandoned us,” says Rosenberg.
AFTRA is taking a strong stance against SAG’s commitment to undermine their tentative agreement with the AMPTP.

The small crowd became more enraged when Rosenberg compared his own union members to lab rats.

Before the rally today, SAG board members sent a letter to AFTRA demanding they delay their ratification vote until they could negotiate a better deal with the AMPTP.

It is clear that AFTRA does not want to take a strike position and will take the legal high road against SAG if SAG chooses to interfere with the AFTRA contract agreement.
In a written response, AFTRA reaffirmed their position as a member of the AFL-CIO.

“We hope it will not be necessary to pursue legal remedies, but be aware that we would view any attempt by SAG or its leadership to undermine or interfere with our ratification process as a violation of both law and the AFL-CIO constitution,” said AFTRA President Roberta Reardon.

SAG Executive Director Doug Allen said at the rally.
“Now we face a watershed in history, what we’re trying to do right now is get the best possible contract we can.
This rally is to remind each other what our priorities are.
We aren’t done yet.
You don’t get what you don’t ask for.”

Sparking further controversy is SAG’s attempt to use big Hollywood names such as George Clooney and Tom Hanks in support against AFTRA.
On Thursday, SAG board member Susan Savage sent an email to its members encouraging them to “do all we can to stop AFTRA from ratifying a bad deal that will affect all of us.”
She further went to suggest that George Clooney and Tom Hanks had personally called Rosenberg to “offer their total support.”
The Clooney-Hanks public relations team went into high gear, stating that Savage’s claim were “untrue and fabricated.”
Both PR firms for the two mega stars have said “they are in support of negotiations and not anti-AFTRA,” as the email had been interrupted by some of SAG members.

SAG member Brad responded to a possible strike authorization letter which maybe brought forth at a town-hall meeting this coming Wednesday.
“We’ll strike if we have too but nobody wants to strike.
What AFTRA has essentially done is cut SAG in half.” He said

In attendance at the SAG rally were writer’s guild members and board members.
WGA President Patric Verrone and WGA National Executive Director David Young told the crowd, “We hope that you can make a better deal than we did.
We hope that you can move the ball down the field.”
WGA’s comment come on the heals of the recent writer’s strike.
The comments won’t go unnoticed with WGA member’s who will feel cheated that their board did not negotiate properly for their own union members if SAG achieves better terms for it’s own.

Hollywood Today spoke with SAG member Charles on the picket line.
“A trade guild is not a union.
People that crossed the picket line are forgiven
In a real union that would not happen.
We struck a few years back and everyone who crossed was forgiven as if they did nothing wrong, this is not a real union.”
The implication implied weakness on the part of the guild and its members.
He went on to further suggest that a real labor union would not tolerate such insubordination from its own.

It should be noted that the SAG New York offices boycotted the event.
Some joint AFTRA-SAG members in New York, have stated they make more money as a member of AFTRA then being a member of SAG.

The AFTRA contract will be sent out to all its members for a ratification vote and the results are expected to be announced on or about July 7.
All AFTRA needs is a majority to ratify the tentative agreement.

The SAG town-hall meeting is for members only in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 11 at the Harmony Gold Preview House starting at 7 p.m.\

AFTRA will hold an informal meeting on June 12 at the Eagle Rock Cultural Center and a second meeting is scheduled for June 16 at the Barnsdale Art Center.

Reader comment:

The inexperienced Allens are pushing their radical agenda in an effort to force a strike that will cost us all work.
They've never negotiated a deal and they've failed even though they've been negotiating with the AMPTP for three months.
They promised to double DVD money.
They gave that up.
They promised all sorts of thing
They couldn't get a thing.
Their our way or the highway policies pushed half the SAG cable acting jobs to Canada.
AFTRA comes in to keep us working and the Allens are just worried about keeping their jobs.
Vote YES on the AFTRA contract and keep actors working in Hollywood.

Coleman Laffoon is no Buffoon, gets $275,000 payday and more

By Brian Frederick

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today)
6/9/08 - -
Actress Anne Heche, 39, known as the former partner to comedian Ellen DeGeneres has settled with the court over her divorce with ex-husband Coleman “Coley” Laffoon (34).
“I have no money,” Heche stated.

The settlement encumbers a payment of $275,000, monthly child support of $3,700 for their son Homer (6) and 75% for Homer’s private school tuition.
Other costs would be settled equally.

Before meeting Laffoon, Heche was Ellen DeGeneres’ partner for three years.
Cameraman Laffoon met Heche while he was filming a comedy special for DeGeneres.
Shortly thereafter, Heche and Laffoon began dating.
Heche and Laffoon were married on September 1, 2001.
On February 2 of this year, Laffoon filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.

A Judge excused Heche from paying nearly $15,000 per month until last month, when Heche declared $364,000 in debt due to attorney’s fees for the divorce and only $34,840.93 in all her bank accountants.
The Judge has excused her for the July payment to Laffoon and the matter has been settled for now

“I am continuing to look for work but I have no offers pending and the impending strike by the Screen Actors Guild reduces my prospects for work even further.
Since January 18, 2008, I have been unemployed and had no income from employment except for one very short-term contract for a movie role for which I received a total of $65,000, approximately the amount I received for one episode of ‘Men in Trees.’
I do receive some residuals from previous acting work.
However, the amounts are nominal and are offset by recurring business expenses that must be paid whether or not I am working,” Heche stated

Heche starred in the television drama ‘Men In Trees’ on ABC.
There have been reports that Heche left Laffoon for ‘Men in Trees’ co-star James Tupper.
Heche is starring in the Indie film ‘Spread,’ opposite Ashton Kutcher.
Kutcher’s Katalyst production company is producing the film.

‘Atari’ will chronicle the life of Nolan Bushnell

By Matthew B. Zeidman

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today)
6/9/08 –

Long before there was “Resident Evil” or “Grand Theft Auto,” there was “Pong,” and Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on to bring the creator of the first commercially successful video game, Nolan Bushnell, to the big screen in “Atari.”

DiCaprio, 33, who will also produce the film according to Reuters, will portray the now-65-year-old industry giant who pioneered home gaming consoles, founded Chuck E. Cheese’s and once employed Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs.
Most recently, Bushnell launched uWink Inc., a technology firm currently focused on the development and expansion of automated restaurant chain uWink Bistro.
DiCaprio, most famous for his 1997 role in the James Cameron blockbuster “Titanic,” is also scheduled to play U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt in the movie adaptation of “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt,” a Pulitzer-Prize-winning biography of the New York native written by Edmund Morris.

The film will be directed by Oscar-winner Martin Scorsese, who has worked with DiCaprio on “Gangs of New York,” “The Aviator” and “The Departed.”

June 9

Eva Longoria Parker attended Monday night’s CFDA Awards in a cute pink dress, along with what looked like, a baby bump.

Is the Desperate Housewives star knocked up by husband Tony Parker?

"I'm limitless as far as age is concerned…As long as he has a driver's license. I don't want to pick him up."

- Kim Cattrall to Oprah, on dating younger men (in real life)


Archaeologists in Jordan have unearthed what they claim is the world's first church, dating back almost 2,000 years, The Jordan Times reported on Tuesday.
"We have uncovered what we believe to be the first church in the world, dating from 33 AD to 70 AD," the head of Jordan's Rihab Centre for Archaeological Studies, Abdul Qader al-Husan, said.

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Construction of the world's tallest building, the Burj Dubai, has been delayed and will be completed only in September next year, the developer was quoted on Tuesday as saying.
The tower, which is expected to reach a final height of 900 meters (2,953 feet), was due for completion in the bustling city state at the end of 2008.


***Sean Avery, the Rangers star/Vogue intern, being introduced to future racing Hall of Famer John Velazquez by mutual friend John DeStefano at the paddock before the 140th Belmont Stakes.

***Gaberiel Byrne, in a white summer suit, with an unidentified brunette beauty at Singe Vert in Chelsea in NYC for a long while.
***Famed feminist attorney Gloria Allred and media expert and author Michael Levine having dinner at the Napa Valley Grille in Westwood last night.
***Jeanine Piro celebrating her birthday & belting out tunes with the Gypsy Kings at Islero restaurant in Midtown NYC Saturday night

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There's several different videos of this newly discovered phenomena:

Cell phones can actually pop kernals of popcorn via their frequencies.
Running Time: 0:40


***Alan Dershowitz is taking on Jimmy Carter in his upcoming book, "The Case Against Israel's Enemies," out in September

The Harvard law prof rips the ex-president as a "critical threat" to the existence of Israel, arguing that he wants to "delegitimize Israel as an apartheid regime subject to the same fate as white South Africans."

The book calls the views of Carter and other like-minded Western leaders a bigger threat than Hamas and Palestinian terrorists.

***Grey's Anatomy and Party of Five writer Mimi Schmir's untitled novel, pitched as Bridget Jones meets Nora Ephron, following the misadventures of a woman in the wake of a divorce from her philandering husband as she tries to come to terms with being a newly-single,

40-something, peri-menopausal mother of two rambunctious boys (Roo and Mr. Handsome), and dating (beginning with Hot Birthday Party Dad) as well as juggling a start-up business,

sold to Amy Einhorn at Amy Einhorn Books, in a pre-empt, for publication in 2009, by Erin Malone at William Morris Agency (world).

***NYT bestselling author of THREE SHIRT DEAL Stephen J. Cannell's next two novels featuring the character Shane Scully, again sold to Charlie Spicer at St. Martin's, by Robert Gottlieb at Trident Media Group (World English).

***Nephew of Warren Jeffs, the President of the polygamous cult FLDS, Brent Jeff's LOST BOY:

A CHILD OF POLYGAMY SPEAKS OUT, cowritten with Maia Szalavitz, showing what the FLDS is like from the inside, from the perspective of a man who was raised in the group and witnessed many of the events that led to the largest removal of children into foster care in American history, sold to Phyllis Grann at Doubleday, in a pre-empt, for publication in 2009, by Andrew Stuart at The Stuart Agency (World).

***Composer, producer, songwriter, and performer Nile Rodgers's memoir of his chaotic youth growing up in the Greenwich Village of the 1960s, playing at the Apollo Theater at age 16,

founding the disco-defining band Chic, working with musicians from Madonna and Duran Duran to David Bowie and Diana Ross, among many others,

and his and his family's struggles with addiction and the law, sold to Christopher Jackson and Julie Grau at Spiegel & Grau,

in a pre-empt, by David Kuhn at Kuhn Projects (World).

***Mega best-selling author Thomas Friedman's new book is called "Hot, Flat and Crowded and it's premise is that the country has lost its way in the global arena largely become of bad environmental habits.

"Our challenge is to be innovative in the way we take up the environmental cause.

This is the only way we can make America stronger" said Friedman.

The book makes the case for redefining the environmental movement, "The media labels this a 'Green Revolution' but I beg to differ," Friedman said.

"Have you ever heard about a revolution where no one got hurt?

I'd rather refer to what's going on as a 'Green Party' -

a celebration of our accomplishments thus far."


***We're in for taxing times if Barack Obama wins the White House, says CNBC's Maria Bartiromo.

"He's going to take the capital gains tax at 15 percent right now all the way up to 25 to 28 percent," the "Money Honey" tells Avenue.

"Sell anything, like a home or stocks, and make a profit . . . [almost] 30 percent of the profit will go to the government instead of 15."

The income tax is also in for a bump.

Bartiromo says, "Right now [it] is 35 percent, Obama wants to take that to 39 percent . . .
We're talking about people who make over $200,000.

That's not rich.

So it's actually going to impact more people than you may think.

***Tribune's Los Angeles Times is said to be planning to transfer control of its monthly magazine from its newsroom to its business operations and to replace the magazine's entire editorial staff.

A new editor and others are being hired without the participation of the newsroom.

***The long-awaited unveiling of a next-generation iPhone finally came to pass yesterday.
Steve Jobs introduced the new version, priced as low as $199, with faster Internet access that will run on advanced wireless networks, at Apple's annual conference for software developers in San Francisco.

Australia & MALAYSIA is just one of the 23 foreign countries that has daily LBN E-Lert readers.


***Steven Spielberg aims to raise more than $1 billion in third-party financing to reinvent DreamWorks as a separate company that once again owns the movies it makes, The Hollywood Reporter says today.

***"Kit Kittredge: An American Girl" has no sex and not much of a city.
But this G-rated movie is shaping up as Hollywood's next serious bid for female viewers.

***Lionsgate Entertainment honors Sophia Loren and Catherine Deneuve, two near-mythological figures of the European cinema, with boxed sets of seldom-seen films.


Verizon, Sprint and Time Warner Cable have agreed to block access to Web sites that spread child pornography.

The image of Asian-Americans as a homogeneous group of high achievers taking over the campuses of the nation's most selective colleges came under assault in a report issued Monday.

The report, by New York University, the College Board and a commission of mostly Asian-American educators and community leaders, largely avoids the debates over both affirmative action and the heavy representation of Asian-Americans at the most selective colleges.


On June 10, 1967, the Six-Day War ended as Israel and Syria agreed to observe a United Nations-mediated cease-fire.

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