Saturday, June 14, 2008

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With the success of Sex and the City as television show that found much success as a feature film,

Mark Wahlberg is considering making Entourage into a movie.

We’re doing season five right now.

We’re hoping for maybe three (or) four more seasons, and then maybe a film or two.

Obviously the Sex and the City success has opened up a window of opportunity there.

How about no!?
As a fan of the show, I just know it wouldn’t work.
Plus, I really don’t think Entourage has the wide audience that Sex has.


On Thursday, Pete Wentz accompanied wife Ashlee Simpson to a medical center in West

Hollywood for an appointment to check up on the baby.

Upon leaving, one of the pap-smears asks if things are fine, and Pete cleverly replies,
“Yes, things went fine with the foot doctor.” Let’s just say everyone laughed at him, not with him.


1. Iron Man - $50,500,000

2. Speed Racer - $20,200,000

3. What Happens In Vegas - $20,000,000

4. Made of Honor - $7,600,000

5. Baby Mama - $5,800,000


After filling in 2006, citing irreconcilable differences, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe finally finalized their divorce on Thursday, Extra reports.

According to documents dated June 12, the two — who were seeking shared custody arrangement over children Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4 —

“have settled all their remaining issues in these proceedings

Rumors of a Las Vegas concert surfaced online weeks ago after the Palms Hotel boss met with Britney Spears in Los Angeles.

George Maloof Jr. insists plans for a Vegas concert “didn’t come up” during their previous discussions, although he admits it is a good idea.
He adds,

I’d love to have her here at the Pearl (Theater, at the Palms resort). It would be great.

A source tells that Spears’ current trip to the Nevada city is entirely family-orientated.

The insider says,
Britney left L.A. for Vegas for an extended Father’s Day weekend with her dad (Jamie).

The jury has found R. Kelly not guilty!

A jury acquitted the singer of all fourteen counts of child pornography.

The "Bump and Grind" singer was first charged six years ago after the kinky sex tape surfaced allegedly featuring him having sex --
among other things --
with a girl who was as young as 13 at the time.

Kelly had long denied being on the video tape --
and even the alleged victim said it wasn't her.

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